The Flash #775 Review




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In this extra-sized anniversary issue, Wally has to deal with basically everyone in Central City suddenly being angry with him. As the issue ends we learn this is just the precursor to a long-time DC villain making his presence known.

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In the previous issue, a mysterious metal rod was launched from space and landed right in the middle of Central city. The Flash calls in Superman and Mister Terrific to help pull it out of the ground. Surprisingly Superman is unable to remove it. What’s more surprising is how angry Superman seems to be over this. As the issue progresses this anger seems to spread like a virus throughout the city. At first, Wally just thinks it’s him doing something to cause people to be mad at him. As he learns the true cause he uses some Barry Allen-like science to contain the source of the anger virus. Only to find revealed the true villain behind the problem.

This issue is great. It is everything I want in a modern mainstream superhero comic. The pacing is fast. Despite being oversized I didn’t even realize that until the end. As Wally runs around the city trying to deal with everyone’s anger boiling into a riot, we see more how Wally as the Flash is an influence on his city. One rioter yelling “I hate the new costume” is some great meta-commentary.

This feels old school without feeling old. While the main story follows directly from the last issue and it sets up the next issue, it still feels like a self-contained one in done story. You don’t need to have been reading the series and can just pick up this issue. The reveal of the villain in hindsight should have been obvious to me, but I’m glad I didn’t see it coming.

The reason why Wally is immune to the anger sweeping the city might be a tad “zen’ for some. But it does show some growth in his character and also why he’s a different Flash than Barry is.


Pasarin’s art is truly a star of this series. In this issue, he gets to play with a lot of characters. Various heroes and villains show up to try to grab the rod causing all the problems. Special mention should be given to inker Matt Ryan and Colorist Jeromy Cox. The contrast between darker lines and brighter colors really makes the art stand out. Some panels feel like a mix between Barry Kitson and Brian Bolland’s art. While Wally’s costume is seen as “new” it really is a throwback to his 90s outfit. And here it looks great. It’s striking causing it to stand out. Which a costume like the Flash’s should be.


The FLASH #775 is a great anniversary issue that anyone interested in trying the Flash can check out. So far the new creative team is doing an amazing job of telling Flash stories that feel kind of odd in an old-school way. Yet don’t feel dated. To me, a good sign of a great issue is “does this make me want to read more with this character?”. Well I was a lapsed Flash reader that only came back to try the new creative team. Thanks to them I now want to binge-read some Flash. Thank goodness since going digital that is fairly easy for me to do. This is currently one of DC’s best series that deserves more attention.


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