The Flash #768 Review

Writer: Jeremy Adams

Art: Brandon Peterson, Marco Santucci, David Lafuente, Mike Atiyeh, Arif Prianto, Luis Guerrero, and Steve Wanda

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: March 30th, 2021

Welcome to the retirement of Wally West. After the events spanning from REBIRTH to HEROES IN CRISIS to DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL, the once Kid Flash elects to hang up his “super sneakers”. Nevertheless, the FLASH needs his friend now more than ever before. After the effects from the INFINITE FRONTIER crash into the FLASH, Barry and Wally must withstand the recent checkered history by way of GREEN ARROW, the mentor and Father figure to Roy Harper. Let’s race into THE FLASH #768 by Jeremy Adams to see what direction this series will take as our Scarlet Speedsters move forward.

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I’ve been waiting for something different from the FLASH for a long time. Something’s been missing since REBIRTH. Sure, there were some solid story arcs from Joshua Williamson, however, his run just seemed to be running in place. And then came HEROES IN CRISIS, which in my opinion helped destroy Wally West and make him into a “pariah” to quote Barry from this issue. Whether it be Barry or Wally, the FLASH has been the same for a long time and has required a fresh, new take. Well readers, this issue, led by Jeremy Adams and Branson Peterson, appears to be trying to realign what’s been missing in this series for years.


Technically froma FUTURE STATE, we know the “future”. But is it “this” Wally and Barry’s future? Will this story eventually play out with a showdown between the two speedsters and Famine? Is this the beginning of the end? That remains to be seen. However, like the FUTURE STATE story, readers discover that Barry is without his powers. Therefore, Adams uses this issue, and probably this beginning arc, to shake loose the clutter that’s surrounded Wally West since REBIRTH. I hope that Adams can find a way to also rewrite the wrongs and stigma associated with Wally and HEROES IN CRISIS. So far, this issue appears to be a great start.

Additionally, Adams creates a brooding relationship between Barry and Ollie that should have been more explored since HEROES IN CRISIS but is now only somehow scratching the surfaces and does so extremely well. That said, I found myself struggling to understand the “how” and “why” Wally gets propelled throughout time. Furthermore, the comic book science behind how Barry can communicate with Wally is also vague and confusing. But, I’m willing to go with it if Adams is willing to rewrite this FLASH ship that’s been broken for some time.


The illustrations have me torn this week. I absolutely love detailed, vibrant art that packs a punch. Peterson’s team delivers, especially with the close-up facial expressions of Barry and Wally while running in the Speed Force. Plus, the colors really pop! This issue is so incredibly bright and rich that I found myself getting lost in the panels. Still, my biggest knock on the issue would be the outlines around the characters that oftentimes made them look like stickers on the page. I think that’s the style and direction this team was looking for but I really wasn’t a huge fan. I’d much rather the linework blend more naturally into the background without such a jarring, thick contour surrounding the characters.


Ultimately, I left the issue excited for the new direction, eager for a FLASH team up, and thrilled to put Wally’s past behind him and to forget all about these past couple of years. Additionally, I’m excited to see Barry forced to be more of a mentor than he’s ever been before… or at least in recent years. I’m eager to see what Barry is really capable of without his powers. I loved the FUTURE STATE concept of an old man Barry Allen standing toe to toe with only his ingenuity and heart as the driving force. Will this become a team book with Wally as the runner and Barry in the chair? Will Adams help FLASH fans all forget about the nightmare that’s been Wally West since REBIRTH began? Currently, it feels that way. And I haven’t been this optimistic for a FLASH title in years! Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God bless!


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