Writer: Tini Howard

Art: Ariel Olivetti, Antonio Fabela, and VC’s Joe Caramagna

Price: $3.99

Release Date: May 29th, 2019

Gamora and Thanos have more in common than the ability to see Death all in this week’s THANOS #2 as Tini Howard introduces a new aspect to the blossoming relationship between Gamora and the Mad Titan. Let’s dive into this issue before Thanos kills anyone else!



Tini Howard opens the issue with Thanos getting his Butcher Squadron/ future Black Order to take Gamora into Zero Sanctuary after annihilating her entire planet and species. However, Thanos’ crew is stunned that he left someone live and has no idea why he brought this little girl back to their ship. On board, Ebony Maw tried to find out some answers by bribing Gamora with food. But, that doesn’t seem to work and Gamora escapes. After feeling embarrassed for letting a little girl escape, Ebony Maw crafts a fake story to save face by suggesting that he “let” Gamora out to gain her trust but she fled instead. Meanwhile, Magus is somehow able to communicate mentally with Thanos and begins to drive him mad.

Thanos tries to get him out of his head, asks the computer to record any voice patterns for proof, but the computer doesn’t hear any other noises. As soon as Thanos begins to feel like he’s truly gone mad, Gamora enters into his chambers to say, “did you hear that voice?”, implying that she heard Magus as well. Howard ends the issue with Thanos threatening to kill Gamora if she doesn’t tell him how she escaped. But instead, she takes the fight to him, steals a knife, and threatens to kill Thanos. However, Thanos chuckles, kills the creature Gamora stole the knife from, and ensured her that for now on she is safe around him.


The issue isn’t too wordy, it’s easy to follow, the panel progressions flow well, and readers can easily decipher whose narrating at all times. The story is interesting and creative. However, this reviewer wishes the pacing was a bit faster knowing that we only have 4 more issues left. Will we see Gamora grown up? Will we see Gamora being trained or are we simply getting a story that tells us about the connection between the two?

This fan loved the twist that not only can Gamora see Death itself BUT she too could hear Magus. What is the connection between Gamora and Thanos? Is this something Death set in motion? Sure, she may be able to see Death but why was she also able to hear Magus? This angle is very intriguing and the hope is that Howard explores this avenue more and delivers these answers before the mini-series ends.

This reviewer is also continuing to love the perspective of a Thanos that’s struggling. Sure, he’s powerful and feared but completely lost and addicted. Imagine someone reading this story who knew nothing about Thanos. They would view Magus as far more powerful, put together, and capable of universal conquest than this truly “Mad” Titan. Speaking of “Mad Titan”, this reviewer wonders if this series is not only leading us down a path to show fans the connection between Gamora and Thanos but if Howard is introducing aspects and reasons behind the creation of his name. To anyone reading these past two issues, Thanos truly is Mad! Maybe this is how he becomes the Mad Titan?


Ariel Olivetti and Antonio Fabela do a great job creating dynamic action sequences as well as incorporating textures and line thickness to extenuate a more realistic tone and appearance for the characters. Olivetti and Fabela illustrate a very imposing Thanos drawing readers into each page making the purple juggernaut larger than life in each panel. Fabela’s colors guide readers eyes from one panel to the next while Olivetti’s pencils and inks appear polished, vibrant, and violently energetic. Together with Howard, this creative team finds a way to capture the readers’ attention throughout the entire issue while keeping fans interests peeked until the end.


When the series opened, this reviewer wasn’t expecting a “When Harry Met Sally” between Gamora and Thanos. That said, I’ve been intrigued ever since. Readers are watching a relationship grow between a lunatic sent on universal domination and a scared little girl who just saw her race destroyed by that very man. How could any relationship be formed of value here? Will we find out that Thanos grows genuine feelings for Gamora like he showed in the Infinity War movie? Will Gamora grow to care for Thanos like a father at some point? This reviewer never expected a series that dove into their relationship but here we are and I’m loving it!


Death has literally brought these two together and now Magus is somehow connecting them together as well. Why can Gamora hear everything that Thanos can? This reviewer is hooked and locked in for answers! If you’re looking for the Mad Titan proper, this isn’t for you because this dude is a wreck. But, maybe it’s Gamora who reigns this Goliath in and gives him direction? Maybe deep down, Gamora is to blame for what the Mad Titan has done all these years? Without her to ground him, maybe Magus would have defeated him? This fan is excited to find out and can’t wait for the next issue to see where their relationship leads while hopefully getting some more answers to some of the questions above. If you like Thanos, pick this up. If you are intrigued by relational situations between individuals that should never be together (kind of like Real World with Puck), this is also right up your alley. Either way, Howard leads a talented team exploring some very creative ideas and backstories that comic fans should take notice too. Head to your shop and pick this one up!


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