Teen Titans Academy #2 Review

Writer: Tim Sheridan

Art: Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, Alejandro Sanchez, and Rob Leigh

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: April 27th, 2021

Reviewed by: Bobola Popoola

If you are a fan of the Titans (and Teen Titans), this book is a good tribute to those characters. The Titans have been my favorite DC team for a while now, edging the Justice League by a considerable margin. So it actually makes me happy to see the original Titans grooming a set of younger superheroes to be the next Titans. Let’s take a look at the second issue, written by Tim Sheridan.

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The art in this comic has a somewhat glowing appearance with the characters given glazed impressions. This particularly gives our heroes an air of maturity around them (the older, original Titans of course). I am particularly a fan of the smooth, calm art style as I sometimes find the jagged, sharp style to be distracting. The “low-key” art style is what I would describe as beautiful to look at and this issue of Teen Titans Academy has it in spades.


As we see in the flash-forward, Alinta seems to be using mind games on Red X when she asks him to kill her, suggesting that Red X is one of the students close to her.

Alinta’s powers are short bursts of super speed causing Cyborg to refer to her as a “Speed Force Sprinter”. I like how she chooses to push herself and decides to improve the use of her powers; it shows a sense of attitude that drew me towards her character. I also like how Alinta chose her superhero name. It’s cheeky and cheeky is what I like to read.

In Tom Taylor’s recent Nightwing run, we see the chemistry and sparks that exist between Dick and Barbara (and to be honest, it’s extremely well-written). However, in this issue, we see Dick hooking up with Kory (why?), and it seems his heart is torn in two places in two different comics. Starfire is saddened at the mention of Babs; we are seeing a love triangle here, people. This is a common occurrence too because when he tells Vic about it the latter immediately brings up Barbara. I however think this is unhealthy for Dick and he needs to pick one of the two women. I’d also like to see how this may affect his relationship with Barbara in future Nightwing issues. Taylor and Sheridan are setting up a VERY interesting dynamic here.


Sheridan appears to be making Matt Price a newer, younger Conner. It makes me look forward to how the original Titans treat him, maybe different from how they regale other students. I also look forward to seeing what will happen if Conner meets him eventually and if there is any kind of connection between them both.


Final Thoughts

I was (and maybe still am) skeptical of some of the decisions that have been made, but this is still a good book overall. For one, I thought the pacing was too irregular and the dialogue was sometimes flat, especially between the OG Titans. Dick and Cyborg need to have their interactions written better, and Dick & Donna need to interact as if they are long-existing close friends and not just teammates. I was however good with seeing the students in classes with Beast Boy and Cyborg, and I definitely think we need to see a lot more of the other originals teaching the students. Since the flash forward is only 72 hours into the future, there is bound to be a rush of events in the next issue. Overall, it is a good comic and I would recommend it to the general comic audience, although I feel it would cater more specifically to (hardcore) fans of the Titans lore.


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