Teen Titans Academy #1 Review

Teen Titans Academy #1 Synopsis: Welcome to Teen Titans Academy! Packed with both new, super-powered teens and numerous dark secrets, Teen Titans Academy’s student body includes Shazam; a new Australian speedster; a trio of Goth(am) teen expatriates obsessed with Batman—and one member of this first-class will become the deadly Red X. Original New Teen Titans including Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy take on the role of teachers and mentors for superpowered teens. Their goal: to shape the next generation of heroes.

written by TIM SHERIDAN

art and cover by RAFA SANDOVAL

variant cover by JAMAL CAMPBELL

ON SALE 3/23/21

$3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC

A new number one with not only one, but two teams, PLUS a group of young recruits hoping to learn the ropes and become heroes? Sign me up!!The Teen Titans have a long comic history spanning many incarnations. I admittedly was drawn to this book not only for the opportunity to read some hopefully cool new characters but also because one of my favorite characters, Nightwing is in it, along with the classic mid 80’s team!

A challenge for me is struggling to learn any new team. Their names, powers, personalities, etc… Thankfully I was really happy with how Tim Sheridan introduced the team “in issue” rather than the Marvel type “roster” page. It saved me from flipping around too much.

And while this issue wasn’t very fast-paced, we sure got a lot of info. And speeches!

Did I mention speeches??

And while I poke fun at the speeches, they do serve a great purpose. They provided some history and background on the Teen Titans and even get one of my much liked “editor’s notes” when the now in continuity Red X comes up!!

After a second reading, I enjoyed this book even more. The Red X mystery surely will seem a bit forced to some readers but it worked great for me! The last speech by Nightwing did feel a bit forced and generic to me but it served its purpose well enough I suppose. We get some moments of humor, hints of romance, surprising unknown power sets, and more.

The art by Rafa Sandoval and the coloring of Alejandro Sanchez also hit the mark. The coloring especially is a joy to look at. The blueish color palette stands out! Having DC books bright and colorful sure is awesome too!! It’s a trend I’ve noticed since Future State and I like it!


Tim Sheridan and company deliver a very nice debut issue. Not overly faced paced, not too action-heavy. Just about perfectly paced for this reviewer. It certainly has piqued my interest and will have me coming back to read if and how our new characters progress, and who the heck this version of Red X is?!


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