Spirit World #6 Review

Spirit World #6 Review – Xanthe Zhou, Constantine and Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) have a showdown with Wan Yujing in the Spirit World in Spirit World #6, the conclusion to the Spirit World miniseries. It’s wall-to-wall action as the trio not only have to battle the monstrous Wan Yujing, they also have to take down The Gilded General, who wants to kill them before Wan Yujing can, thus locking in his power in the Spirit World. Also, Xanthe discovers a new power! The Jade Court makes a fateful decision! And Constantine says he’s too old for this $*#%! Continue reading Spirit World #6 Review

Spirit World #4 Review

Spirit World #4 Review – Xanthe, now without her trusty sword, and John Constantine have made it to Spirit World and reunited with Cassandra Cain in Spirit World #4. They went there to rescue Cassandra Cain and bring her home, but what if she doesn’t want to be rescued? It’s an issue filled with monsters and demonic possessions, and wait until you see The Soul Devourer! Continue reading Spirit World #4 Review

Spirit World #2 Review

Spirit World #2 Review – Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) has been transported to Spirit World, where dead spirits of various forms exist and dine on the unfortunate living souls who go there. Meanwhile, Xanthe Zhou and John Constantine are trying to find a portal that will take them to Spirit World to rescue Cassandra, but along the way, they run into the most terrifying menace of all: Xanthe’s mother! It’s another issue drenched in fascinating Asian mythology and spell craft, with Xanthe and John Constantine having the potential to become the most enjoyable duo since Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. Continue reading Spirit World #2 Review