The Sacrificers #2 Review

The Sacrificers #2 Review – The world has only ever known order. There is no feast, there is no famine—there is just enough. There is no flood, there is no drought—there is just enough. The overlords make everything perfect, keeping everything in harmonious moderation, under one condition…one great sacrifice has now come due. Continue reading The Sacrificers #2 Review

The Sacrificers #1 Review

The Sacrificers #1 Review – Tomorrow is a harmonious paradisethanks to five families who makeeverything perfect…for the price ofone child per household. Now, as thatbill comes due, a son expected to giveeverything for a family that never lovedhim and an affluent daughter determinedto destroy utopia must unite to end onegeneration’s unnaturally protracted reign. Continue reading The Sacrificers #1 Review