Superman: Lost #3 Review

Superman: Lost #3 Review – Superman has been teleported over 14,000 light years (roughly 9.5 trillion kilometers) from Earth, with no way back home. Superman: Lost #3 continues his journey through space as he desperately tries to make it home. Wearing a uniform (given to him last issue by an alien race) that allows him to breathe in space and has a built-in Siri-style interface called Marquis, he pushes on through space, wondering how he’ll make it home when he’s a 100 lifetimes away. Continue reading Superman: Lost #3 Review

Superman: Lost #3 Preview

Superman: Lost #3 Preview – With the assistance of advanced technology from an unnamed planet, Superman begins his voyage home—only to discover that, even at fantastic rates of speed, Earth could still be several lifetimes away. However, hope arrives in the form of a familiar species allowing Superman to hitch a ride with them, but they encounter a grave threat to their existence on a mysterious planet along the way. Check out the Superman: Lost #3 Preview HERE! Continue reading Superman: Lost #3 Preview