Star Wars #28 Review

Star Wars #28 Review – Star Wars #28 continues the adventures of Luke, Leia and the Rebellion in the time period between “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi”. Crimson Dawn agents Melton and Bevelyn, along with their children, are being hunted by the Empire, who’s desperate to annihilate them before they can tell the Rebellion about the Empire’s construction of a second Death Star. It’s up to Luke to go to Coruscant, into the heart of the Empire, and rescue Melton and Bevelyn before Imperial soldiers wipe them out. Continue reading Star Wars #28 Review

Star Wars #28 Preview

Star Wars #28 Preview: The price of freedom is examined, as the Rebel Alliance comes to understand the true scope of the threat against it.Threepio enters into aggressive negotiations, and Luke Skywalker embarks upon a desperate mission that will test his growing Jedi skills to the limit. Check out the Star Wars #28 Preview HERE! Continue reading Star Wars #28 Preview