Spirit World #4 Review

Spirit World #4 Review – Xanthe, now without her trusty sword, and John Constantine have made it to Spirit World and reunited with Cassandra Cain in Spirit World #4. They went there to rescue Cassandra Cain and bring her home, but what if she doesn’t want to be rescued? It’s an issue filled with monsters and demonic possessions, and wait until you see The Soul Devourer! Continue reading Spirit World #4 Review

Spirit World #4 Preview

Spirit World #4 Preview – Cass Cain, Batgirl, has died before, and it seems the spirits of the Spirit World met her when she passed through before being revived by the Lazarus Pit…but then how come she doesn’t remember being there? Then, as Constantine’s memories start to fade after being in the Spirit World for too long, he begins to turn on Xanthe, who needs to find a way back to the land of living or Constantine will be a permanent resident of the land of the dead…either way, time’s running out! Check out the Spirit World #4 Preview HERE! Continue reading Spirit World #4 Preview