Lovesick #3 Review

Lovesick #3 Review – Domino finds herself on the defensive in Lovesick #3, as she comes under attack by The Bloodcels, a group of sadistic incels armed to the teeth and wanting nothing more than to take her out in the most agonizing and humiliating way possible. It’s another fantastic issue of a series that’s part erotic fantasy, part psychological horror and 100% disturbing in the best possible way. Continue reading Lovesick #3 Review

Lovesick #2 Review

Lovesick #2 Review – The story of Domino, the dominatrix who kills willing submissives (AKA “piglets”) and broadcasts her shows on the Dark Web, continues in Lovesick #2. The issue amps up the violence to Lucio Fulci levels and gives us an interesting look into Domino’s psyche, including her Autassassinophilia (look it up, it’s fascinating). It’s another great issue beautifully fusing sexuality, BDSM, and horror. Continue reading Lovesick #2 Review