Power Girl #1 Review

Power Girl #1 Review – Power Girl and Omen are back in Power Girl #1 and Power Girl, now going by the name Paige Stetler after ditching her Karen Starr alias, is starting a whole new life as she changes the focus of her company to sustainability. When she hosts a charity night with various alien and Atlantean artifacts (thanks Arthur!), it draws the attention of an alien assassin called Amalak, who hates humans and hates Kryptonians even more. How lucky for Power Girl that Amalak has a weapon specifically designed to take down Kryptonians! Continue reading Power Girl #1 Review

Power Girl Special #1 Review

Power Girl Special #1 Review – Power Girl and Omen (AKA Lilith) return in Power Girl Special #1. Power Girl recently gained psionic abilities in the Lazarus Planet event, and she and Omen have become inseparable, with Omen training her in the use of her powers. When old Justice Society nemesis Johnny Sorrow attacks with his Four Horsemen, will Power Girl be able to master her new powers to take him down? Continue reading Power Girl Special #1 Review