Harley Quinn #34 Review

Harley Quinn #34 Review – Harley’s misadventures in the multiverse continue in Harley Quinn #34. After her counterpart is killed on Earth-26 (Captain Carrot’s Earth), she’s desperately trying to find who the killer is, even as Bud and Lou, her trusty hyenas, have been possessed by two bozos from Earth-48! Yep, Lady Quark is monitoring Harley’s every move, her trigger finger ready to end Earth-Prime for good if Harley can’t fix things. What’s a girl to do when she can’t even trust her hyenas? Cybernetic Harley debuts! Harley travels to Earth-43 (the DC vs. Vampires Earth) and meets that world’s Poison Ivy! And Harley has Lux Kirby, Multiversal Detective reaching for the industrial strength aspirin! Continue reading Harley Quinn #34 Review

Harley Quinn #29 Review

Harley Quinn #29 Review – kcab si annataZ! Oops, I mean Zatanna is back! Yep, the sultry backwards-speaking spellcaster returns, as Harley Quinn seeks her help in Harley Quinn #29. Lady Quark popped in last issue from Earth-48 (love her hair but hate her grouchy disposition) and tells Harley she has foreseen that Harley may end up unraveling all of space and time if she continues tampering with the multiverse. Lady Quark threatens to destroy her and Earth-Prime if Harley doesn’t stop. But Harley, who has Captain Carrot’s fish (don’t ask) wants to return it back in the hopes of rectifying things. Will Zatanna be able to help Harley get to Earth-26 and fix her crisis (no pun intended)? Continue reading Harley Quinn #29 Review