Marvel Comics Best of 2020: Year in Review

Marvel Comics Best of 2020: Year in Review – 2020 was certainly a year to remember. From pandemics to elections, this year has caused a stir in our culture for sure. But even with that stir, Marvel Comics has stood strong and performed well. Check out the article to see the very best of Marvel Comics throughout 2020 by clicking HERE! Continue reading Marvel Comics Best of 2020: Year in Review

Writer Spotlight: Donny Cates

Here is a Writer Spotlight on Donny Cates. If you’ve ever been interested in one of Marvel’s best, brightest, and up and coming talents, known for such work as God Country, Thanos, Silver Surfer Black, and Absolute Carnage, take a look at the Donny Cates Writer Spotlight HERE. Continue reading Writer Spotlight: Donny Cates

Jonathan Hickman’s Greatest Hits

Jonathan Hickman’s Greatest Hits: With Dawn of X taking center stage at Marvel AND new releases coming to a stand still, why not check out some of the best comics and trades Hickman’s brought to the comic landscape? Check out Jonathan Hickman’s Greatest Hits HERE! Continue reading Jonathan Hickman’s Greatest Hits


With the last issue of POWERS OF X arriving on shelves this Wednesday, October 9th, 2019, this reviewer felt that it would be beneficial to bestow a quick recap of each issue in order while showcasing the incredible Skottie Young Covers to tantalize your taste buds. Reviews for each issue to date can be found by simply clicking the title of the issue below. Let’s dive in! Continue reading HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X RECAP

POWERS OF X #5 Review

After last week’s HOUSE OF X #5, readers witness the “Resurrection Machine” bring back our X-heroes that daringly died stopping Mother Mold in space. However, this resurrection process is no mere machine; it’s five mutants working in conjunction with Charles Xavier/Cerebro to clone and recreate any mutant that perishes. Moreover, the Professor has built an alliance with some of the most ruthless adversaries the X-world has ever seen. This can’t be good! Nevertheless, the mutants are attempting diplomacy, Xavier’s Krakoan cult begins to blossom, and deals are made with demons from the past. But, how will these choices NOW impact the future? Let’s find out in this week’s all-new POWERS OF X # 5 by Jonathan Hickman. Continue reading POWERS OF X #5 Review

House of X #4 Review

After heading to the sun to attempt to destroy the Mother Mold (capable of creating Master Molds with artificial intelligence), our X-Men heroes run into a bit of a problem in this week’s all-new HOUSE OF X #4 by Jonathan Hickman. Did Cyclop’s team fail? Will Nimrod still be created? And, is the Year 100 Timeline still intact? Let’s dive into the issue and see what questions get answered! Continue reading House of X #4 Review

The Hidden Key to HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X

Let’s start backward with HOUSE OF X #3. A key player was revealed by name in this issue. Nightcrawler teleports into the Mother Mold base surrounding the sun and finally announces one of the key players by name. This character has been right in front of the reader’s noses since POWERS OF X #1. For those of you who missed out, her name is Karima Shapandar. Karima is an Omega Prime Sentinel that’s actually a mix between human and Sentinel. Continue reading The Hidden Key to HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X

Secret Wars #1 (2015) Retro Review

After months of build-up to this event, as well as years of Marvel Comic’s History, SECRET WARS #1 was released on May 6th, 2015 with nonstop action, intensity, and heart-racing drama that this reviewer hasn’t seen in a comic since. Everything in this issue felt important, had weight, horrific consequences, awful heroic choices, and felt like it’s impact to the Marvel Comic landscape would be felt for years to come. Ultimately, every reader wants to feel like what they’re reading is validated and important. After this issue, there is no doubt all Marvel Comic fans will feel the gut-punch straight from Jonathan Hickman himself. So, let’s dive into this first issue and see what the fuss is all about! Continue reading Secret Wars #1 (2015) Retro Review