Harley Quinn #32 Review

Harley Quinn #32 Review – Harley’s back from Knight Terrors and reunited with Poison Ivy in Harley Quinn #32. Diving back into loving Ivy and teaching classes, wouldn’t you know it, she forgot all about Lady Quark. But Lady Quark didn’t forget about her! Lady Quark still sees Harley as a threat to the multiverse, but she’s wanting to teach Harley about herself and her special relation to the multiverse in order to prevent an apocalypse. And if Harley refuses, Lady Quark’s going to destroy Earth-Prime to save the rest of the multiverse. Don’t you just hate clingy people? Brother Eye returns! Harley’s students are transformed! And who the $#!# is Lux Kirby, Multiversal Detective? Continue reading Harley Quinn #32 Review