Midlife #1 Review

Midlife #1 Review – RUBEN KWAN is a 50-year-old firefighter who’s been afraid of fire his whole life. Instead of running into burning buildings, he pushes papers, living in the shadow of his father—who died a hero on the job. After 25 years in the LAFD, he’s firmly in the middle of an unremarkable life…until his new wife gets pregnant and a random act of courage reveals that Ruben is FIREPROOF! Continue reading Midlife #1 Review

The Sacrificers #2 Review

The Sacrificers #2 Review – The world has only ever known order. There is no feast, there is no famine—there is just enough. There is no flood, there is no drought—there is just enough. The overlords make everything perfect, keeping everything in harmonious moderation, under one condition…one great sacrifice has now come due. Continue reading The Sacrificers #2 Review

Swan Songs #1 Review

Swan Songs #1 Review – Swan Songs is an anthology series with stories involving endings. The end of the world, the end of a relationship, etc. Swan Songs #1 is a story about the world ending and one man trying to keep his dying mother alive, even as the world outside has gone insane. It’s a horrific and sometimes touching tale that’s a solid beginning to the series. Continue reading Swan Songs #1 Review