Harley Quinn #26 Review

Harley Quinn #26 Review – It’s Harley overload in Harley Quinn #26! Last issue, The Harley Who Laughs was revealed to be jumping across multiple Earths, killing Harleys on each one so she will ultimately be the last Harley alive in the multiverse. But our Harley and Old Lady Harley (who was accidentally transported to Earth-Prime) battled The Harley Who Laughs and smashed her multiversal transporter, causing Harleys from dozens of other Earths to suddenly appear on Earth-Prime. Now, all those Harleys are wreaking havoc across Gotham City and our Harley has to call in some old friends in a desperate attempt to save the city. Also, Kevin gives Harley some tough love! Batwoman gets ambushed by four violent Harleys! Victor Zsasz gets made up! And can I please get paid a dollar for every time I use the word “Harley” in this paragraph? I need a new car! No? Aw f*#@! Continue reading Harley Quinn #26 Review

Harley Quinn #26 Preview

Harley Quinn #26 Preview – What’s fifty Harley Quinns from all over the Multiverse plus one interdimensional murderer hell-bent on killing all of the aforementioned Harleys, divided by two very hungry hyenas, all to the power of Kevin…? 23. Obviously. But, also, a really weird way to spend your weekend. Nothing like meeting yourself 49 times to give you a real good existential crisis! I’m not one for self-doubt and all that…but it’s hard not to be at least a little jealous of mermaid Harley. Check out the Harley Quinn #26 Preview HERE! Continue reading Harley Quinn #26 Preview