Red Sonja #1 Review

Red Sonja #1 Review – Red Sonja is on the run in Red Sonja #1, after being framed for the murder of Lady Alaberta (in Red Sonja #0, released on Free Comic Book Day), and Lord Dragos wants her head! As she races across the countryside, evading Dragos’s men and battling them, trying to make it to a friend who can help clear her name. Meanwhile, another threat rises as Thord Varg ascends to king of Vestfold, a kingdom that’s dying, its populace starving and the kingdom on the precipice of losing a war. Varg, refusing to let Vestfold die, makes sacrifices to dark gods, summoning them and hoping their ancient black magic will save his kingdom. But the gods are hungry and want more. Continue reading Red Sonja #1 Review

King Kong: The Great War #2 Review

King Kong: The Great War #2 Review – King Kong: The Great War #2 continues the story of the shipwrecked survivors of the UB-184 submarine fighting for survival on Skull Island, where they have to battle the elements as well as the monolithic monsters of the island, hoping to stay alive until rescue ships arrive. It’s another great issue of the series that captures the spirit of the original King Kong film. Continue reading King Kong: The Great War #2 Review