Lovesick #4 Review

Lovesick #4 Review – Jack, a mysterious figure from Domino’s past, makes a grand entrance in Lovesick #4, and amplifies all of Domino’s inner turmoil and self-doubt. We get a look into Domino’s origins as the book moves away from the Red Room to an even more grotesque world of high society dinners where cannibalism is the main attraction and Domino may be next on the menu. Continue reading Lovesick #4 Review

Deadpool: Nerdy 30 #1 Review

Only Deadpool would have a comic named Deadpool’s Nerdy 30. It’s amazing to believe that Deadpool has only been around for 30 years. Granted, there is Miles Morales and Kamala Khan, but are they on the same level as Deadpool? Let’s take a look at Marvel’s latest one-shot titled Deadpool’s Nerdy 30. Continue reading Deadpool: Nerdy 30 #1 Review

Cable #8 Review

Cable #8 Review: Cable gets together with his – *ahem* – intimate friend Domino long before they ever met! Will it be a fortunate encounter? Or has Cable met his match? Check out the Cable #8 Review HERE! Continue reading Cable #8 Review