Batman: Beyond the White Knight #6 Review

Batman: Beyond the White Knight #6 Review: After years of rivalry, it’s the showdown you’ve been waiting for…Jason Todd versus Dick Grayson! Who’s the best Robin? Find out this issue! Plus, with the help of an unexpected new ally, Bruce Wayne aims to take Derek Powers down for good. But will the malevolent millionaire’s newfound powers prove to be too much for the former Batman? Check out the Batman: Beyond the White Knight #6 Review HERE! Continue reading Batman: Beyond the White Knight #6 Review

Looney Tunes #268 Review

Looney Tunes #268 Review -When her beloved bird appears to have flown the coop, a mysterious lady seeks out some help…and none other than Duck Twacy is on the case! His search across every side street and darkened alley all points to one likely suspect…the recently escaped criminal Pussycat Puss. Will Twacy find his bird? Or will it be lights out for this cooked duck? Check out the Looney Tunes #268 Review HERE! Continue reading Looney Tunes #268 Review

The Swamp Thing #6 Review

With Prescot’s bio-agent set off in the Kaziranga wetlands, the Green summons Levi back to the land of his making. With Levi unable to access his powers as Swamp Thing, he finds himself trapped in the dense forest and stalked by a group tasked with retrieving his alter ego at all costs. Will he recover his powers before he is hunted down by the Suicide Squad?
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