The Alternates #1 Review

The Alternates #1 Review – Dark Horse’s Minor Threats universe returns in The Alternates #1. The Minor Threats mini-series introduced a world very similar to The Boys and DC’s Injustice series, where the heroes at times are as bad as the villains they fight. Where Minor Threats focused on a team of D-level villains trying to redeem themselves, The Alternates features a team of heroes who were lost for 3 years in a fourth-dimensional realm called The Ledge. Now they’ve returned and much like recovering addicts, they’re having to deal with the daily grind of a normal life again. But some of the heroes are finding it hard to function, and others just want one more taste of The Ledge to keep from going mad. Continue reading The Alternates #1 Review

The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #1 Review

The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #1 Review – A teen discovers at a young age that he has an off-the-charts level intellect and can see formulae in his head, fixing things around him and inventing elaborate new technologies. He’s doomed to forever feel isolated, different from everyone around him. Is this a new X-Men character? No, it’s The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #1, which echoes the same themes as the mutant books and introduces a fascinating new character and world. Continue reading The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #1 Review

Assassin’s Apprentice #4 Review

Assassin’s Apprentice #4 Review – Normally, finding an assassin at the foot of your bed in the middle of the night is a recipe for disaster. But for Fitz, it turns out to be a doorway into a whole new world. Soon, Fitz’s life becomes split between his daylight duties with Burrich and his nocturnal lessons deep below the Keep. But when his new master sets him a seemingly impossible task, the boy will find his loyalty stretched to the breaking point. Continue reading Assassin’s Apprentice #4 Review

Hellboy in Love #3 Review

Hellboy in Love #3 Review – Sparks fly when Hellboy and Anastasia take a surprise trip to Turkey. Anastasia’s former professor has unearthed the birthplace of Turkish shadow puppetry, but it seems there is more lurking in the shadows than he bargained for. Facing demonic presences is nothing new to Hellboy, but doing it alongside Anastasia is a new challenge! Continue reading Hellboy in Love #3 Review

Minor Threats #4 Review

Minor Threats #4 Review -Betrayed by one of their own and at the mercy of the maniac they set out to kill, the Minor Threats are sent on a suicide mission by the Stickman into the inner sanctum of the Insomniac. See which of our cast of C-list costumed criminals make it out alive (hint: not a lot of them) as the most dangerous night of their lives comes to a nail-biting conclusion! Continue reading Minor Threats #4 Review

Pearl #4 Review

Pearl #4 Review – As Pearl starts to put the pieces together, she realizes that her family was not as advertised. The real question is will she be able to confront this before Tokyo’s most dangerous assassin comes to clean up the mess they think she’s made. You are ill-prepared for the beautiful artwork that Michael Gaydos has brought to this yakuza epic about art, family, and the weird stuff in-between. Continue reading Pearl #4 Review

Minor Threats #1 Review

Minor Threats #1 Review – It’s hard out there for a supervillain. Not the world conquerors, chaos engines, or arch-nemeses . . . but the little guys. The ones who put on uniforms, knock over jewelry stores, and get tied to poles. And things are about to get worse. The psychotic Stickman has murdered Kid Dusk, sidekick to Twilight Citys premier crime-fighter, the Insomniac. The Insomniac’s teammates are tearing Twilight apart, turning it into a police state–desperate to capture Stickman and stop the Insomniac from crossing that final line which he may never come back from. Continue reading Minor Threats #1 Review