Danger Street #2 Review

Danger Street #2 Review – Danger Street #2 continues Tom King’s story with characters semi-obscure (The Creeper and Warlord) to characters that have been nearly totally forgotten (Lady Cop and The Dingbats of Danger Street) in a Watchmen-type story that explores the dark corners of the DC Universe, including Apokolips. It’s an attempt to give these forgotten characters a purpose in modern day DC Earth-Prime, and like last issue, it stumbles a lot along the way. Continue reading Danger Street #2 Review

Danger Street #2 Preview

Danger Street #2 Preview – After their attempt to join the Justice League goes horrendously wrong, Warlord and Starman are on the run from the law and the forces of the Fourth World! In their wake they have left behind both a murder and the ongoing mystery of Atlas the Great and his connection to the cosmic powers of the DC Universe. Check out the Danger Street #2 Preview HERE! Continue reading Danger Street #2 Preview