Strange #3 Review

Strange #3 Review – Clea Strange, now firmly entrenched as Earth’s Sorceror Supreme, mercilessly hunts for the Blasphemy Cartel in Strange #3.  They’re a heavily armed group of soldiers who target magic refugees, and Clea has targeted them after they destroyed a refugee village.   And first on Clea’s list is…The Rose? Continue reading Strange #3 Review

Strange #2 Review

Strange #2 Review – Enter the Harvestman!  Clea, seeking to bring Doctor Strange back to life, has brought The Harvestman calling in Strange #2.  He’s Death’s own Sorcerer Supreme and emissary, and he’ll use all his power to keep Clea from interfering with his master’s work, including resurrecting Eric Masterson (the first Thunderstrike) from the dead to fight beside him.  Let the battle begin! Continue reading Strange #2 Review