Catwoman #54 Review

Catwoman #54 Review – “The Godfather” meets “Orange is the New Black” in Catwoman #54, as Selina Kyle continues making allies in Gotham County Jail while plotting a breakout. The Queen of Hearts, member of The Royal Flush Gang, has recently been jailed there too, and begins forming her own squad called The Crazy Eights to take control of the jail population. Meanwhile in the outside world, Yakuza boss Eiko Hasigawa, Selina’s friend, runs her criminal empire while simultaneously posing as Catwoman at night. But Punchline, determined to get revenge on both Selina and Eiko, is about to throw chaos into everyone’s plans. Continue reading Catwoman #54 Review

Catwoman #54 Preview

Catwoman #54 Preview – You know what they say: two’s company, but three’s a crowd! The Royal Flush Gang joins Selina Kyle behind bars, and while the other inmates are team Selina, the Queen remains loyal to Punchline. It wouldn’t be jail without the ladies clawing each other’s eyes out, especially when Catwoman makes a special appearance just to kick some clown ass. All this chaos and distraction may just be the break-out-of-jail-free card Selina needs. Meanwhile, Tomcat finally deals with his ex-boyfriend who tried to take the Tomasso heir… Check out the Catwoman #54 Preview HERE! Continue reading Catwoman #54 Preview