Cat-Man and Kitten #1 Review

Cat-Man and Kitten #1 Review – Debuting way back in 1940, Cat-Man’s origin was in Crash Comics #4, and after various incarnations with various companies through the years, Dynamite Comics acquired the Cat-Man (as well as his sidekick Kitten) and used the characters via flashbacks in their Project Superpowers: Chapter Two Prelude one-shot. Cat-Man and Kitten #1 is a one-shot set firmly in 1948, where David Merrywether (Cat-Man’s secret identity) works as a private detective with his ward Katie (AKA Kitten). It’s a blast of Golden Age goodness, as Cat-Man and Kitten encounter ace pilot Skyman and the sorcerer Marvelo, go into action with ace reporter Lindy, and try to solve the mystery of a missing Mayan artifact and the shadowy figure (wielding a Flash Gordon-style ray gun) who may have stolen it. Continue reading Cat-Man and Kitten #1 Review