Harley Quinn #31 Review

Harley Quinn #31 Review – Harley Quinn and Captain Carrot face off in Harley Quinn #31! Harley used a Cosmic Treadmill to travel to Earth-26 to help fix the havoc she inadvertently caused there, but Captain Carrot, having seen all his friends get wiped out because of her, isn’t the forgiving type. Will the two kill each other or find a way to work together to fix Earth-26? Also, Poison Ivy returns home! Two-Face is gunning for revenge! And what happens when Lady Quark finds out that Harley broke her promise not to visit other Earths?

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Harley Quinn #30 Review

Harley Quinn #30 Review – Harley has accidentally stolen the Vorpal Fish from Captain Carrot on Earth-26, preventing him from stopping Backseid (Earth-26’s version of Darkseid). As a result, Earth-26 has been rendered nearly lifeless. Harley wants to return the Vorpal Fish to Captain Carrot but needs to find a way to get to Earth-26, and there ain’t no bus, train or plane that’s gonna be able to take here there! What a crisis (no pun intended)! Will Zatanna be able to help her in Harley Quinn #30? And why have good old Bud and Lou (her pet hyenas) suddenly gotten all spooky and cosmic? Continue reading Harley Quinn #30 Review