Dune: House Harkonnen #7 Review

Dune: House Harkonnen #7 Review – The hit prequel comics adaptation from legendary authors Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson continues! Suffering from heartbreak, Liet leaves Arrakis on the first step to a fateful encounter, and a tormented Gurney Halleck falls in with smugglers on Geidi Prime. Meanwhile Duncan’s training continues, along with the crackdowns on the Ixian rebellion, and Leto and Kailea’s relationship takes a tense turn. Continue reading Dune: House Harkonnen #7 Review

Sirens of the City #1 Review

Sirens of the City #1 Review – Sirens of the City #1 is the start of a new urban fantasy series set in 1987 focusing on a teenage girl named Layla. Layla’s dealing with both an unexpected pregnancy and powers that she’s manifesting, powers that cause her adoptive parents to kick her out of the house. Living on the streets of New York, Layla struggles to survive and find her birth mother, even as other more powerful figures in New York have plans for her. This is a fantastic beginning to a series with an edgy punk sensibility and an interesting cast of characters. Continue reading Sirens of the City #1 Review

The Neighbors #1 Review

The Neighbors #1 Review – Have you ever moved to a new town or city? Remember how strange and awkward it felt being in a new place you were unfamiliar with, where you didn’t know anybody? Well, prepare to feel that way again, because The Neighbors #1 kicks off a new 5-issue horror miniseries filled with dread and atmosphere, where a family moves to a new town and find their neighbors to be incredibly creepy and possibly homicidal also. Continue reading The Neighbors #1 Review