Savage Avengers #1 Review

Savage Avengers #1 Review – Deathlok is in full Terminator mode in Savage Avengers #1, relentlessly targeting Conan for crimes against the Timestream. It’s a battle that makes World War 2 look like a game of checkers.  As the bullets and blades fly, Daredevil (Elektra Natchios), Anti-Venom (Flash Thompson), Cloak & Dagger, Black Knight and Weapon H get involved.  But whose side are they on? Continue reading Savage Avengers #1 Review

Avengers Forever #5 Preview

Avengers Forever #5 Preview: All we know about the leader of the new Multiversal Masters of Evil is that he calls himself Doom Supreme and that universe after universe keeps crumbling before him. But in a multiverse filled with world-conquering versions of Victor Von Doom, what makes this one the Doom Above All? Check out the Avengers Forever #5 Preview HERE! Continue reading Avengers Forever #5 Preview

Avengers Forever #4 Preview

Avengers Forever #4 Preview: Atli, Ellisiv and Frigg are the granddaughters of Old King Thor, last seen during the end of Jason Aaron’s landmark THOR run. Now the Goddesses of Thunder are back, sailing the wild cosmic seas, chasing the thunder that echoes across universes…and hunting for fallen hammers. Check out the Avengers Forever #4 Preview HERE! Continue reading Avengers Forever #4 Preview

Avengers #54 Review

Doctor Doom and his Multiversal Masters of Evil have come hunting Deathloks. And now there’s only one Deathlok left, trapped inside the rubble of a besieged Avengers Mountain. Just in time for a new group of Avengers to rise from the ruins, with new members and at least one Avenger having been wildly transformed. And just who is the cosmic general who commands the Deathloks, the mysterious Avenger Prime? Continue reading Avengers #54 Review

Phoenix Song: Echo #5 Preview

Phoenix Song: Echo #5 Preview – As the threads of Maya Lopez’s life unravel, Forge and River face the Adversary in the White Hot Room! In the final chapter of Rebecca Roanhorse’s blazing series, the ultimate battle of will and strength will determine if Echo can rise from the ashes of the Adversary’s nefarious manipulations. Check out the Phoenix Song: Echo #5 Preview HERE! Continue reading Phoenix Song: Echo #5 Preview

Avengers #53 Review

ASSAULT ON AVENGERS MOUNTAIN! The Avengers’ impenetrable headquarters is under attack, by the most supremely powerful version of Dr. Doom in existence and a wildly murderous Young Thanos, still wet with his mother’s blood. The Black Panther fights to defend the mountain alongside his surprising new teammates, King Namor of Atlantis and Jane Foster, the mighty Valkyrie. Continue reading Avengers #53 Review

Avengers Forever #2 Review

Avengers Forever #2 Review – In Avengers Forever #2, Deathlok and Ghost Rider are held prisoner on Earth-818 by the Black Skull, a ruthless combination of Red Skull and Venom.  Black Skull tortures Ghost Rider, trying to get information on where he came from and his mission, and Ghost Rider faces the grimmest and hardest test of will he’s ever had to face. See my review inside. Continue reading Avengers Forever #2 Review

Avengers Forever #2 Preview

Avengers Forever #2 Preview: On an alternate Earth ravaged by the multiversal Masters of Evil, Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes has been taken prisoner by the planet’s dark wastelords, the brutal War Machines. And what the Rider endures at their hands will change him forever — into the most unbridled force for vengeance any universe has ever seen. That’s unless Ant-Man, Tony Stark and his bunch of ragtag heroes can pull off the mother of all rescues. Check out the Avengers Forever #2 Preview HERE! Continue reading Avengers Forever #2 Preview

Avengers #52 Review

THE ALL-NEW MASTERS OF EVIL ARE HERE! The Death Hunt continues as super-psychopaths the Black Skull and Ghost Goblin invade New York City to slaughter Deathloks and anyone who gets in their way, including Captain America and Captain Marvel. But the bad guys didn’t plan on having to face the world’s most dangerous young Avenger. Believe us – no one’s ever seen anything like the Starbrand unleashed! Continue reading Avengers #52 Review