Annihilation – Scourge: Omega #1 Review

Matthew Rosenberg brings us the conclusion to the ANNIHILATION – SCOURGE event with ANNIHILATION – SCOURGE OMEGA #1! Read the ANNIHILATION – SCOURGE OMEGA #1 review here! Continue reading Annihilation – Scourge: Omega #1 Review

Annihilation – Scourge: Fantastic Four #1 Review

Annihilation – Scourge: Fantastic Four #1 by Christos Gage. Review of Annihilation – Scourge: Fantastic Four #1 out this week! The FF vs the Cancerverse in Annihilation – Scourge: Fantastic Four #1. Continue reading Annihilation – Scourge: Fantastic Four #1 Review

Annihilation #3 (2006) Review

Nova’s United Front is divided In this week’s all-new ANNIHILATION #3 by Keith Giffen as he sets off on a desperate mission to save whoever he can before it’s too late. Ronan wants to heads to Hala to free the Kree race while everyone else is just trying to survive! But, can they hold off the Annihilation Wave? And what’s Drax’s secret agenda, anyway? Let’s dive in a find out! Continue reading Annihilation #3 (2006) Review

Annihilation #2 (2006) Review

As the last issue ended, readers saw Annihilus team up with Thanos and ultimately bring down one of the strongest entities in the universe, Galactus, as well as the Silver Surfer. How will Nova, Ronan, Quill, and the entire Kree military forces halt the Annihilation Wave from stretching across the universe… especially if it’s capable of apprehending the Devourer of Worlds? Let’s jump into this week’s ANNIHILATION #2 by Keith Giffen and detect if our warriors have any hope of survival. Continue reading Annihilation #2 (2006) Review

Annihilation #1 (2006) Review

One empire has fallen. Two heroes are dead and it all comes together here in this opening issue of ANNIHILATION #1 by Keith Giffen. Individually, the Silver Surfer, Super-Skrull, Ronan, and Nova have already faced down parts of the Annihilation Wave. However, to this date, they’ve lost. Now, they must unite themselves, as well as those left to fight in the universe… or die trying. Let’s vault into this initial issue of the epic ANNIHILATION event! Continue reading Annihilation #1 (2006) Review