Superman: June 2021 DC Comic Solicitations

Check out these SUPERMAN related titles and so much more hitting stores JUNE 2021 as the New Age of DC takes shape! Additionally, if the Man of Steel isn’t your only interest, check out the BATMAN related comics coming this JUNE 2021 right HERE as well as all other DC titles right HERE! To snag any of these comics, trades, or related volumes through Amazon, simply click on the name of the highlighted/underlined series below. Enjoy and God Bless!

 Action Comics 2021 Annual

written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson
art by Siya Oum
cover by Scott Godlewski
variant cover by Valentine De Landro
ON SALE 6/29/2021

$5.99 US | 48 PAGES | FC | DC

card stock variant cover $6.99 US | FC | DC

The return of Future State’s House of El! It’s time to head back to tomorrow, as Superman’s descendants face a threat from today. This special tale connects to “Warworld Rising” as the actions of Clark Kent in the present reverberate, leaving long-lasting changes…and a deadly threat for the House of El to reckon with. Can Brandon Kent, the Superman of his era, stop the danger from hurting the next generation? Also, for those wanting to know more about Brandon’s relationshop with Theand’r, the Tamaranean queen, prepare yourself for a little romance as well.

Action Comics #1032

written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson,
Michael W. Conrad and Becky Cloonan
art by Daniel Sampere and Michael
Avon Oeming
cover by Mikel Jańin
variant cover by Julian Totino Tedesco
ON SALE 6/22/2021

$4.99 US | 40 PAGES | FC | DC

card stock variant cover $5.99 US | FC | DC

“Warworld Rising,” part three! As the Superman family fights to keep the mysterious refugees alive, they find shocking answers about their lost colony. Meanwhile, Atlantis faces destruction by a host of supernaturally powerful sea kaiju, apparently created by the newfound “Warworld fragment”! As other world governments come to understand the devastating power Atlantis now possesses, tensions rise, and the threat of global war looms closer. As this goes on, back in Metropolis, the time-flung version of Midnighter digs deeper into Trojan’s dirty scheme.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #1

written by Tom King
art by Bilquis Evely
cover by Bilquis Evely
card stock variant cover by GARy frank
blank variant cover

ON SALE 6/15/2021

$4.99 US | 32 PAGES | 1 (OF 8) | FC | DC

Kara Zor-El has seen some epic adventures over the years, but finds her life without meaning or purpose. Here she is, a young woman who saw her planet destroyed and was sent to Earth to protect a baby cousin who ended up not needing her. What was it all for? Wherever she goes, people only see her through the lens of Superman’s fame. Just when Supergirl thinks she’s had enough, everything changes. An alien girl seeks her out for a vicious mission. Her world has been destroyed, and the bad guys responsible are still out there. She wants revenge, and if Supergirl doesn’t help her, she’ll do it herself, whatever the cost. Now a Kryptonian, a dog, and an angry, heartbroken child head out into space on a journey that will shake them to their very core.


written by Brian Michael Bendis
art by Alex Maleev
cover by Alex Maleev
card stock variant cover by Matt Taylor

ON SALE 6/22/2021
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC

card stock variant cover $4.99 US | FC | DC

The dark forces of Leviathan have torn through the DC Universe, and now no one can be trusted. No one…not even the person writing to you about this book! That’s why you find out in Justice League #63 that Green Arrow has been secretly funding a group called CHECKMATE because not even the Justice League itself can be trusted. The mysterious MR. KING has helped Green Arrow assemble the greatest team of super—spies the world has ever seen! LOIS LANE, THE QUESTION, ROBIN, STEVE TREVOR, MANHUNTER, BONES, and TALIA Ah GHUL! will have to outsmart the smartest people in the world before they destroy everything! PLUS! A new mystery character is tip toeing though the shadows! They call him…the DAEMON ROSE! And he is hunting Lois Lane right under Superman’s nose! It’s an all–new spine-chilling thriller from the eisner award-winning team of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev!

Batman/Superman #19

written by Gene Luen Yang
art by Emanuela Lupacchino, Steve
Lieber, Darick Robertson, and Kyle
cover by Ivan Reis
variant cover by Greg Capullo
ON SALE 6/22/2021

$3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC

card stock variant cover $4.99 US | FC | DC

To thwart the apocalypse cascading across multiple realities, Batman and Superman must join forces with their counterparts and sojourn to strange lands! The World of the Knight and the World of Tomorrow are not the only two creations crafted by the sinister — and this nefarious cybernetic despot is hell-bent on at last crafting his own twisted notion of utopia. Join a list of all-star artists as we tour through the ARCHIVE OF WORLDS!

Challenge of the Super Sons #3

written by Peter J. Tomasi
art by JORGE CORONA AND Max Raynor
cover by Simone Di Meo
card stock variant cover by Jamal Campbell
ON SALE 6/8/2021
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC

card stock variant cover $4.99 US | FC | DC

The Super Sons are trapped in the past — locked in deadly combat with noted jerk and “worst person to ever be granted immortality” award recipient Vandal Savage! In this second installment of Superboy and Robin’s adventures in the past (before returning to the present to save the Justice League from certain death), you’ll witness a harrowing escape, a SUPER- ugly monster, and the origin of Rora, Jon and Damian’s spell-wielding ally! All this, plus Robin and Superboy’s continuing adventures in the here and now, as the boys rush to save Hawkgirl from a deadly gas attack!

Superman #32

written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and
Sean Lewis
art by Scott Godlewski and Sami Basri
cover by John Timms
Pride card stock variant cover by David
Talaski $5.99 US | FC | DC
card stock variant cover by Inhyuk Lee
$5.99 US | FC | DC

ON SALE 6/8/2021
$4.99 US | 40 PAGES | FC | DC

The end of “The One Who Fell”! Superman and Superboy were duped by the old divide-and-conquer routine, which is especially dangerous on a faraway planet where you can’t tell who your enemy is. As the Shadowbreed makes their big move, Superman discovers what happened to the friend who originally sent the distress beacon that lured him and his son across the galaxy. Let’s just hope it’s not an answer that came too late! Elsewhere, back home on Earth, Jimmy Olsen leads his misfit team on the hunt for the sinister Projectress.

Superman: Red & Blue #4

written by Mark Waid, Francis Manapul, JoshUA
Williamson, Michael W. Conrad AND Rich Douek
art by Francis Manapul, Chris Sprouse,
Cully Hamner, Joe Quinones AND Audrey Mok
cover by John Romita Jr. and Klaus Janson
card stock variant cover by Walter Simonson
card stock variant cover by Alexander Lozano
ON SALE 6/15/2021
$5.99 US | 40 PAGES | 4 (OF 6) | Prestige | DC

This month our cover star Bizarro leaves the Red & Blue family by not being in a story all about his very own birthday. Which of course means we definitely have a story in here about Bizarro’s birthday, as well as four more about the Man of Steel himself, including one about a social media star who inspires a very dangerous trend in Metropolis that nearly runs Superman ragged. Also, learn the story of how Jimmy Olsen was able to take what became his very favorite picture of Superman. These fantastic tales feature some of the best writers and artists in the business, only using Superman’s special colors to make them come alive!

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