Superman ‘78 #1 Review

Writer: Robert Venditti

Art: Wilfredo Torres, Jordie Bellaire, and Dave Lanphear of A Larger World

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 24th, 2021

Let’s soar into Richard Donner’s SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE as Robert Venditti kicks off this new SUPERMAN ‘78 run at DC Comics. SUPERMAN ’78 announces a unique journey in the realm of the admired feature film. A normal day in Metropolis is impeded by an unusual drone that collides in downtown Metropolis and begins destroying everything. However, where did this drone come from? What’s its purpose? And, who’s behind it? Let’s fly in and find out!

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Now, as many may suggest Buck Rogers or even Flash Gordon as some of the first Superhero movies on screen, I’ve personally always leaned more towards SUPERMAN ‘78. Maybe it’s because it was one of the first for me? Yet, however you slice it, thanks to Donner, I was hooked! In my eyes, he created the Superhero movie in a time where Hollywood was practically hypersensitive to the idea. And now with the help of Robert Venditti, readers will feel that same revitalization and tug at their inner child remembering the awe that was Christopher Reeve as SUPERMAN. Fans, Venditti made this issue legitimately feel like a continuation of the movies.

Unlike BATMAN ‘89, SUPERMAN ‘78 looked and felt exactly like the movie. From tone and appearance to conversation and dialogue, Venditti was right on the money. Don’t get me wrong, BATMAN ‘89 was good for different reasons. Nevertheless, SUPERMAN ‘78 is excellent for fans of the 60s and 70s that grew up in comics and want to hop back into the medium. Heck, the art team specifically drew Krypton exploding just so they could redraw Marlon Brando.

Now, the story was creative. And, the premise of introducing a classic SUPERMAN villain into this movie landscape is an outstanding idea from Venditti. However, it’s the art team that elevates this series to another level entirely. From Perry White to Jimmy Olsen, Wilfredo Torres helps each character flawlessly portray their movie counterpart. Furthermore, Jordie Bellaire’s colors are so bright and vibrant making this issue of SUPERMAN ‘78 #1 really pop.


The original SUPERMAN movies had Lex, Zod, and even some newbies at the time like Nuclear Man played by some of Hollywood’s greatest. And as classic to the character as General Zod and Lex Luthor are, that lovable, almost cheesy 80s flare held back what the comics of the time could truly depict and magnify. Today, the cinematic universe is practically unstoppable with what they can showcase on screen. Yet, SUPERMAN ‘78 #1 has found a way to bridge that gap and expand the Donner movie verse into something special. It would be difficult to create a movie now to mimic what the Donner SUPERMAN could do on the big screen. However, Venditti, Torres, and Bellaire prove it’s possible within the comic book medium. The characters look, act, and feel like I remember thanks to this creative team while infusing a powerful, fan-favorite villain into this universe. Any Donner SUPERMAN fan could easily see the love Venditti and his team have for this movie franchise.

Truly, SUPERMAN ‘78 #1 is a must-buy to anyone who has that special place in their heart for a movie that truly made them think a man could fly! Overall, SUPERMAN ‘78 is an introductory issue that should spark any Donner fans interested. I hope that this series sticks around and truly expands on the foundation and charm that man the movies so special. Right now, this creative team is spot with just enough balance between fan-favorite dialogue and interpretation with just enough added spice to keep new readers and SUPERMAN fans engaged. I highly recommend picking this series up. You won’t be disappointed. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God bless!


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