Suicide Squad #9 Review

Writer: Robbie Thompson

Art: Eduardo Pansica, Dexter Soy, Julio Ferreira, Wes Abbott, and Marcelo Maiolo

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: November 16th, 2021

Amanda Waller desires one more thing before commencing her onslaught of Earth-3. Well, what’s the dilemma? You see, what Waller needs just so happens to be locked away inside a vault on Oa. Needless to say, what Waller wants, Waller gets. So alas, the only solution is to send the SUICIDE SQUAD into space. Let’s dive into SUICIDE SQUAD #9 by Robbie Thompson to see how this Space Race unfolds while keeping an eye out for Rick Flag’s team preparing to assemble to stop Waller’s invasion plans.

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Robbie Thompson has set up some pretty crazy, original plot threads throughout this SUICIDE SQUAD run with this issue being no different. And can I add, I absolutely love how interconnected this series has been to date? Thompson has had us in TEEN TITANS ACADEMY, SHAZAM!, SWAMP THING, and now the team heads to Oa connecting this series with GREEN LANTERN. This just shows Thompson’s intricate knack for detail and ability to play well with others making his series feel incredibly important towards the DC COMIC landscape.

Furthermore, it shows how invested he is within the company. The time and discussion with other writers and creative teams to successfully perform this task must be extravagant. Yet, Thompson continues down this path providing readers with some stellar work. However, we are soon getting to a point where Thompson needs to establish more of his own story and settle within the pages of his own title.

Additionally, the character development throughout SUICIDE SQUAD #9 is extremely impressive and noteworthy. I find myself more and more invested with these characters after each and every issue. Plus, the intrigue within the development of this team is unique and hooks me throughout the entire read, even though there are moments with the team that seem a bit too over the top.

Thompson advances the story masterfully and sneaks in more development with side narratives involving Flag’s SUICIDE SQUAD, as well as building strong foundational relationships with the rockstar cast of characters incorporated on Waller’s SUICIDE SQUAD. We are definitely reaching a boiling point where this series feels like it’s going to blow and I want to be there when it happens! Nevertheless, it’s time to wrangle this series back to its own book. Why? Well, this mission to Oa, as opposed to the other trips within the other comics, comes across a bit more unnatural than the rest. Thus, I can see this style of narrative coming across as choppy since Thompson just throws readers into the story without immense detail as to why.


The interwoven design of SUICIDE SQUAD continues to deliver, however, the premise is certainly beginning to wear thin. The story is unique, intricate, and continues to develop the extraordinary cast of characters splendidly. Readers can sense the build-up in SUICIDE SQUAD #9 that’s right on the precipice between Waller and Flag’s teams making this reviewer super excited for what’s to come while also finding the series extremely rewarding. Furthermore, the relationship building is strong while Pansica and Soy continue to provide another brilliant display showcasing how dynamic this team can be when they’re firing on all cylinders. If you’re not reading SUICIDE SQUAD, I strongly recommend picking up some back issues and catching up fast. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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