Suicide Squad #8 Review

Writer: Robbie Thompson

Art: Eduardo Pansica, Dexter Soy, Julio Ferreira, Wes Abbott, and Marcelo Maiolo

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: October 19th, 2021

The SUICIDE SQUAD finds themselves stuck in Hell as issue 8 by Robbie Thompson unfolds. Nevertheless, the only chance this team has to survive Hell itself is on the curtails of Ambush Bug himself. Yet, while part of the team is trapped in Hell, Peacemaker has his own mission as the hunt for SWAMP THING continues. Let’s dive into this series to see what’s in store for both these squads as Thompson and his team iron out the juicy details.

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Immediately out of the gate, this reviewer needs to point out the obvious in which fans will notice. And, what might that be? A story by Robbie Thompson that’s exceptionally fun, fast, and powerfully breaks that Fourth Wall with none other than Ambush Bug of all people. Yes, SUICIDE SQUAD #8 sends the team to Hell but somehow offers the perfect jumping-on point into the series. Fans, that’s the most shocking point of this issue. How can a writer within a mid-story arc make this the most appropriate time to jump back into the series?

Well, other writers should take a page out of Thompson’s SUICIDE SQUAD to find out. Through a bunch of somewhat heavy dialogue by Ambush Bug, readers strangely get caught up with the coming’s and going’s of the series at large. Moreover, Ambush Bug helps shed some light in the SWAMP THING ongoing series as well. This issue truly was pure genius in the sense of spiking the punch bowl in both SUICIDE SQUAD and SWAMP THING. I truly feel this is the perfect issue to seduce readers into both ongoings.

Furthermore, the ingenuity of the issue doesn’t stop there. Readers get a somewhat comical issue filled with reasonable action, clever twists, and a true unveiling of Waller’s motives that become clear as SUICIDE SQUAD #8 comes to a close.


For a comic in which has multiple artists illustrating numerous pages and sections, this issue of SUICIDE SQUAD manages to flow rather well. Sure, if you pay close attention, you can see different stylistic changes. However, with the chaotic nature of where this issue takes place, the various styles blend nicely together. Moreover, this issue of SUICIDE SQUAD is cluttered with action, colors that pop off the page, and clever panels that add a fierce tone to each malicious melee. Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, and Dexter Soy simply gelled giving this story the chaotic power that will certainly draw readers deep into this series.


Thompson provides readers with some creative twists that are overly inviting, fresh, and dangerously fun. SUICIDE SQUAD continues with its outrageous, off-the-wall, almost unsettling enthusiasm that finds a way to deliver each week. Furthermore, SUICIDE SQUAD utilizes a reasonably unknown character in Ambush Bug as a wildly inventive tool to push forward the story in both SWAMP THING, as well as this series, furnishing the perfect life raft for new readers interested in both outstanding series. There is no doubt that SUICIDE SQUAD #8 is the perfect opportunity to hop on this series. Pick this issue up, give this series (as well as SWAMP THING) a solid look, and let me know what you think. Have a great week and God Bless!


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