Suicide Squad #3 Review

Writer: Robbie Thompson

Art: Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, Marcelo Maiolo, and Wes Abbott

Publisher: DC COMICS

Price: $3.99

Release Date: May 4th, 2021

Task Force X discovers a new mark, and it directs this dissimilar team right to TEEN TITANS ACADEMY. The ingenious and driven Amanda Waller resumes her pursuit to form a more substantial Squad, and subsequent on her list: the Titans’ new speedster, Bolt. Let’s dive into SUICIDE SQUAD #3 by Robbie Thompson to see if this new team can manage to capture this brand new speedster or will someone else get in the way?

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Another installment of SUICIDE SQUAD hits shelves this week as Robbie Thompson pumps out another fast, fun, and furious issue. While managing to balance this extremely diverse cast of characters, Thompson continues to find an intriguing path of exploration for everyone involved. And in doing so, Thompson provides a strongly cohesive tapestry that’s interwoven throughout a variety of titles.

Keep in mind, this SUICIDE SQUAD series began out of the events in Arkham from INFINITE FRONTIER #0. And now, Thompson propels this story right into the pages of TEEN TITANS ACADEMY. It’s as if he wants to take readers on a new tour of the DC COMICS landscape while developing a fascinating tale that incorporates SUPERBOY, TALON, and now a new speedster. What is Amanda Waller up to? Why does she need all these different moving parts and pieces? What’s Peacemaker’s hidden agenda? And, is Conner Kent really under Waller’s control? My point: Thompson has incorporated so many interesting questions that appear to be just the tip of the iceberg. This truly is a can’t miss series that everyone needs to be apart of.


Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, and Marcelo Maiolo really make this issue of SUICIDE SQUAD come to life. When a reviewer says the issue was “filled with action and excitement”, oftentimes it’s the writer who gets the credit. However, readers should be thanking the art team! It’s this art team that’s providing the action-packed push that SUICIDE SQUAD delivers this week.

Furthermore, it’s this art team that sets up the play-by-play “heist” vibe that exudes throughout each panel progression. Words weren’t necessary to distinguish between conversation and future events. The transitions were seamless and easy to follow all due to the excellent work of the creative team. Together with Thompson’s narrative, SUICIDE SQUAD continues to be one of the best books to come out of DEATH METAL and INFINITE FRONTIER.


Thompson and his creative team are doing a fabulous job setting up all the moving pieces within the series while managing to juggle an incredibly eclectic cast of characters. This hidden gem provides readers with an extensive look around the DC COMICS landscape and makes dedicated fans feel like what they’re reading is important. The art is sharp, bright, and chalked full of energy. There really is so much to like about this series. I highly recommend giving SUICIDE SQUAD a chance. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God bless!


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