Suicide Squad #1 Preview

Suicide Squad #1 Cover 1

Suicide Squad #1 Synopsis: Things have changed for Task Force X. As Peacemaker takes over as field leader, there will be no more avenging or defending for the government’s top-secret task force of killers, thieves, and criminals. Amanda Waller—now back in control of the Squad—sends a new Squad into Arkham Asylum to “recruit” the deadly Court of Owls assassin Talon while she interviews another new candidate: Superboy.


art and cover by EDUARDO PANSICA


variant cover by GERALD PAREL

ON SALE 3/2/21

$3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC

Check out the Suicide Squad #1 Preview Pages below

Suicide Squad #1 page 1Suicide Squad #1 page 2Suicide Squad #1 page 3Suicide Squad #1 page 4Suicide Squad #1 page 5Suicide Squad #1 page 6Suicide Squad #1 page 7Suicide Squad #1 cover 2

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