Strange Academy #7 Review

Writer: Skottie Young
Art: Humberto Ramos & Edgar Delgado (Cover)

Publisher: Marvel
Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 27th, 2021
Reviewer: Soycornholio

Strange Academy is Marvel’s answer to Hogwarts. Hell, it is even Marvel’s magical answer to OG Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters (remember when the X-Men use to teach?). Strange Academy #7 opens with Emily and Doyle kissing in a swamp. As she touches Doyle, Emily suddenly begins to burn. Like literally, she is on fire. On the next page, however, Emily awakes in the infirmary to find out it was nothing more than a dream. However, she looks over and sees the lifeless body of Doyle and realizes it was nothing more than a memory. Frantic, Emily begins to freak out (she’s a teenager…) as Zelma begins to recount what had taken place.

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Flashback to a few nights prior, Dr. Strange rushes both Emily and Doyle into the Academy’s hospital. This panel is amazing. You see Dr. Strange, getting prepared as if he was a surgeon again. It is easy to forget that certain heroes had lives before becoming a superhero. In this case, Stephen Strange was the original Meredith Grey.

The situation for Emily was looking bleak. Emily was siphoning off the power of two beings (herself and Doyle). Dying, Dr. Strange makes the ultimate call to ask another favor of the Hoggoth, the Magic Tiger God. After an argument, Hoggoth roars and we are snapped back into the present day with Emily and Zelda. Pissed and grieving about the dead Doyle, Emily begins to question why Doyle was not taken back to his father. Arriving on cue, Dr. Strange explains, that taking him back to Dormammu would mean that Doyle would be brought back by dark magic. This simply was not an option. What happens next? Well, Emily tries to journey over to Dormammu’s dimension. Of course, she is kicked back as she is simply not strong enough. Admitting this, Dr. Strange gives her the comfort of knowing that Doyle would’ve appreciated the effort. As a final good-bye, Emily kisses Doyle’s head as she cries. Something about this trigger’s his flame to be reignited and Doyle is brought back to life. This issue ends with Emily and Doyle in an embrace.


When reading a story about teenagers, I have to mentally prepare myself. Seriously, most stories with teens are overly dramatic, etc. This story, however, was not so. All of Emily’s actions and feelings are 100% relatable. I loved the call back to Beauty and the Beast with the Beauty (Emily), kissing the Beast. But then again, maybe it was Sleeping Beauty? The Princess is saving the Prince from an internal slumber? Either way, it played out well. Seeing Dr. Strange in a mentoring role to teens is also quite fascinating. We have often seen the majority of our heroes, in the hero role. Besides the X-Men (seriously, when is the last time a class took place) we do not necessarily see characters like Elektra or Luke Cage teaching. Dr. Strange running a full-on academy as the headmaster is amazing. It shows a different aspect of the Sorcerer Supreme. Young also writes Dr. Strange well. He has perfectly written him, as the headmaster who is trying to protect his student by any means necessary. Lastly, the art for Hoggot was superb. It looked…mystical. Trust me, not many artists can convey a mystical look to their artwork. Ramos, however, was able to do so in a magnificent way. I would pick up this issue solely based on the premise alone. The overall content of this issue ensnares you with the storyline. Again, this is Marvel’s answer to Hogwarts, so you already know that magic and adventure is always on the horizon.


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