Static: Season One #1 Review

Writer: Vita Ayala

Art: Chrisscross, Andworld Design, and Nicholas Draper-Ivey

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: June 15th, 2021

Virgil Hawkins wasn’t the type of kid you’d commonly find on the streets at a protest. Nevertheless, he felt like he needed to take a stand. Unfortunately, the first moment he stood for a cause worth fighting for, the world managed to collapse. Somehow, this experimental tear gas was released killing dozens yet leaving Virgil, as well as many others, with extraordinary new gifts and abilities. What’s he supposed to do with these new powers? Let’s dive into STATIC: SEASON ONE #1 by Vita Ayala and find out as this inaugural installment begins to take shape.

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Well, STATIC SHOCK is back! And not only is he back, but he’s also back with a revamped new origin. Yet, as excited as I was to dive back into Virgil and reminisce about the old show, STATIC: SEASON ONE #1 really didn’t give fans much information. Actually, it spent most of its time referencing THE MILESTONE RETURNS #0. So, instead of progressing the story and building off the “prequel”, Ayala spends a majority of the time flashing back to that comic and setting up a second showdown between STATIC and Hot Streak.

As for character development and progression, we get glimpses of Virgil’s family dynamic before and after the “Bang Baby” incident that gave him his powers. Plus, we see Virgil struggle with the worry and despair that come with being a teenager with powers. Nevertheless, all the pieces of a teenage hero are there. The anger and uncertainty with the world are present. The necessity to grow up fast without understanding the repercussions involved are there. However, I felt confused on the secret identity front. Who knows and who doesn’t know that Virgil has powers?

Furthermore, I feel like readers needed a bit more meat on the bone in terms of STATIC and his origin story. Sure, he’s had a pretty fair shake in comics within the past decade or so, however, his beginnings could have been rehashed to help new and old readers alike. It’s almost as if STATIC: SEASON ONE #1 and THE MILESTONE RETURNS #0 were playing a game of tag. No one wanted to come right out and give the full origin story. Readers get a small taste of Virgil’s feelings about the events and what happened but nothing very direct. I feel like readers need a good solid refresher on STATIC, especially with this newly reworked origin hanging in the background.


The artwork was extremely clean, crisp, and smooth. The rendering definitely comes across as digital and polished more so than I thought it would, even down to the shadowing and line work. It’s different than most comics on the market right now and I really dig that about the issue. Draper-Ivey and ChrisCross’s style are incredibly modern and dynamic putting a book like this as the forerunner for future artists to use as inspiration. It’s almost a mix between Manga and the current DC COMICS norm. I’m super excited to see what else this art team has in store.


Was there enough throughout this issue to warrant picking it up again? Truthfully, that’s hard to say. I think hardcore STATIC fans will hang in there and read a bit longer to find out what transpires. That said, fans new to STATIC that were looking to dip their toe into the character may be disappointed with the lack of information given out in this opening installment of STATIC: SEASON ONE #1. Ultimately, this inaugural tale recapped another issue. Moreover, Comic fans that aren’t in “the know” may be lost not knowing that they should have read THE MILESTONE RETURNS #0 before beginning this comic. Therefore, they may arrive at this issue lost, to say the least.

As of right now, it’s hard to drop a series after one issue. However, if newer fans arrived here lost and confused with little information or background knowledge with the character, why would they continue? Diehard fans will find the series inviting and even refreshing since STATIC’S long-winded gap between comic series. Nevertheless, I can’t help but notice the potential here for this series to thrive if done the right way. I hope Ayala can give fans the STATIC they’ve been missing while also updating it to gel with the current issues today. It’s certainly possible. Here’s to being optimistic! Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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