Star Wars: Dr. Aphra #3 Review

Writer: Alyssa Wong 

Art: Marika Cresta and Valentina Remenar

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 26th, 2020

Can Alyssa Wong, Marika Cresta, and company continue the momentum they’ve built up so far in the first two issues, or are we in for the inevitable let down of a new ongoing series? Let’s find out in this SPOILER FREE REVIEW!!

First off, this cover by Valentina Remenar is outstanding!

The cracks in the mirror symbolize all the threads of our story. What you think will happen, may happen, but then something else happens too!

So while we’re off to a great start, this issue isn’t without a few flaws. I’m overall still really liking this series but things are beginning to get a bit wonky. And by wonky, I’m referring to the dialogue.

Referring to the “rock” people or whatever they may end up being as “folks” just struck me last odd. Maybe Alyssa Wong couldn’t quite get a handle on what all the weirdness of Dianth is yet, but “folks” just doesn’t jive very well for this reviewer.

As our review pictures show us, our group of ring seekers has been split up. We also get some cringe-worthy dialogue coming this time from Detta Yao. To use her status as a grad student on a deadline as a means to somehow disarm the 9 guns being pointed at her is laughable really.

However, this is also where our issue picks up the pace and things get pretty darn interesting. We’ve got some backroom deals and some off-handed comments that may or may not have been said to throw the enemy off the trail of the rings.

We’ve also got a lot of talk about bones. The bones continue to evolve and are seemingly to be an important part of the story. How much so, we aren’t sure yet.

As with the previous two issues of this series, Dr. Aphra continues to give off a vibe in the vein of the Indiana Jones and National Treasure franchises. This isn’t a bad thing at all. We’ve got all the troupes of treasure hunting storylines. And I’m totally fine with that. It’s lighthearted and fun. Ominous settings, mysterious sounds, booby traps, backstabbing, lying, intrigue. It’s all here for ya!!

The only thing it’s really lacking thus far is much involvement at all by our main villain. He has his minions handling the dirty work, so to speak, but Ronen Tagge is literally only in one page of this issue. I’m sure this is a result of the “writing for the trade” phenomenon, but it’s a bit odd. I’m all for the long game and all but I’ve honestly been surprised by the lack of development in Tagge’s character. Even a little bit!!

Where I have seen some character development is in the relationship between Aphra and Yao. Aphra sees some of herself in the way Yao is behaving. It’s kind of neat to see how Wong explains it, and how Cresta transforms it into the art. Aphra also may see herself as a mentor of sorts to Yao.

We end the issue with yet a another twist and quite a nice cliffhanger that’s got me really looking forward to issue 4!

Final Thoughts:

While not without some flaws, I still am getting far more enjoyment from Dr. Aphra than I am some of the major books that Marvel is putting out. Yes, Empyre, I’m looking at you….. And while this issue may not as good as issue two, there’s still plenty to enjoy. I’m still “all in” with this series. Check it out “folks”. I think you’ll enjoy it!!


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