Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #14 Review

Writer: Ethan Sacks

Artist: Paolo Villanelli

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: July 7, 2021

Reviewed by: Glimmer

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Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #14 written by Ethan Sacks, with artwork by Paolo Villanelli, is a tie-in to the Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters crossover event. Although it is part of the overall crossover, the issue states on the title page “the events of Bounty Hunters #14 take place before War of the Bounty Hunters #1.” That does help to explain why this series has very little to do with the crossover event, aside from the presence of Crimson Dawn.

In this issue, Valance & Dengar narrowly escape the attack from an assassin and ask help from Mama Stammoch – an old acquaintance that Dengar owes money to. After some repairs to both Valance and their ship, the duo once again find themselves doing battle with Crimson Dawn, led by the assassin “Deathstick.” 


In this reviewer’s opinion, Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #14 is a story that “treads water.” There are some enjoyable scenes, but overall, very little happens to advance the storyline. The reveal at the end is no surprise, as readers of the other Star Wars titles are already aware of who is the leader of Crimson Dawn. There is plenty of action here (as depicted by the cover), but not much else.

That being said, the story does shine in its flashback scenes. Sacks does a nice job of telling backstory. The scene describing the rise and fall of Crimson Dawn during the clone wars time period is well done. The gem of this issue is the artwork by  Paolo Villanelli. It’s outstanding and worth the price of admission in and of itself. The detail, panel layouts, and coloring are all excellent and enhance the overall story.   


Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #14 is an issue that shines in its visuals, battle scenes, and flashback storytelling. It does very little to progress the current storyline. This reviewer is getting impatient waiting for these characters to interact with the other characters from the other Star Wars titles in the crossover event. Hopefully, it will happen sooner rather than later. If you are currently reading this series, I would recommend picking up this issue. If you are a new reader, you can pass on it. 


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