Star Wars Adventures #6 Review

Writers: Katie Cook & Daniel Jose Older

Artists: Cara McGee & Nick Brokenshire

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: July 7, 2021

Reviewed by: Glimmer

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Star Wars Adventures #6” is divided into two separate short stories. The first is entitled “The Incident, Part 2” and is written by Katie Cook with art by Cara McGee. It features Senator Padme Amidala with Jedi Anakin Skywalker and is the conclusion to the storyline in “Star Wars Adventures #5”. In this issue, Padme & Anakin (with the help of a droid) work together to defend Tomarian against a group of party crashers who want to know the location of the highly coveted “Beskar.”

The second story called “The Gaze Electric” is written by Daniel Jose Older with art by Nick Brokenshire. It takes place during the “High Republic” era and features the characters Dr. Uttersond, Marchion (The Eye) & Zagyar. Uttersond receives a special message that debris from a hyperspace disaster is set to appear in the galaxy. Marchion sends Zagyar to alert the bridge pilot of their ship to change course and head to Trymant IV before it is destroyed, because it “may hold the answer to… everything that lies ahead.”


Star Wars Adventures #6” didn’t impress me much. I found both stories to basically be boring and unimaginative. In “The Incident Part 2”, Padme & Anakin run around trying to rescue Tomarian from the party crashers. It’s a basic “rescue” story with not much meat to it. I also found the artwork to be a disappointment. Most of the time Padme & Anakin had goofy expressions on their faces. On the plus side, I did have one or two laugh-out-loud moments. In my opinion, The second story – “The Gaze Electric” was a huge enigma. First of all, this story is a High Republic adventure. Why include a High Republic adventure here? If a reader is not currently reading the Star Wars – The High Republic Adventures monthly comic book series they will be completely lost with this short story!

And to make matters worse – it’s basically a zero issue for that series since the story takes place before issue one. Now, I am personally enjoying the Star Wars – The High Republic Adventures monthly comic book series, but placing a “prelude” story here makes no sense to me. Also, the main storyline focuses on a character delivering a message from one end of a ship to a person on the other side of the same ship. Again – boring. The one aspect I did enjoy was the artwork.  Artist Nick Brokenshire does a nice job of providing plenty of artistic detail within a cartoony style – well done. 


Overall, “Star Wars Adventures #6” was a disappointment. If you are currently reading the series (and also currently reading Star Wars – The High Republic Adventures”) I would suggest picking it up to finish the storyline from last month’s issue as well as get a short #0 “High Republic” story. New readers… stay away this month.


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