Star Wars #74 Review

Writer: Greg Pak

Art: Phil Noto

Release Date: November 13th, 2019

Price: $3.99

As we race to the finish of this long-running series, let’s see how these three stories wrap up as we head to “Destination: Hoth”!

This issue doesn’t feel as nearly as rushed as #73, so that’s a good thing, right? I like the touch of having snow cover up the top part of the cover. Not a big deal but I liked it.

And after lamenting the complete lack of background art in the last several issues, the space scenes are done very well! Who doesn’t love to see some Tie-Fighters zipping around a Star Destroyer?

I was a bit confused as to who was taking when all three groups were on the same comm channel, but the plan they came up with to trick the empire worked very nicely.

The way the bombs were diffused on K43 was also pretty slick, as well as the way Vader grounded Luke’s X-Wing. As far as Chewbacca and Vader in hand to hand combat? Let’s not fake the funk. This would be a beat down of epic proportions, with Chewbacca taking the brunt of it.

There was also some dialogue that was almost cringe-worthy and a page of space ships flying that looked kind of wonky because of the angles, but overall I was impressed by what’s most important to me in a comic, the story.

Final Thoughts:

For this reviewer, the story trumps all. And despite some art issues, the story rebounded nicely with a couple of very clever things that move the story forward. While all eyes are seemingly on the reboot, I’m holding out hope for a nice series finale.