Star Wars #4 Review

Writer: Charles Soule

Art: Jesús Saiz, Arif Prianto, Rachelle Rosenberg, R.B. Silva, Guru-eFX and VC’s Clayton Cowles

Price: $3.99

Release Date: March 18th, 202

As Leia has been frozen in carbonite, have Luke or Lando faired any better in their quests on an increasingly unstable Bespin? Let’s find out!

As Bespin’s so-called life span is winding down, thanks to Lobot and Lando, Luke searches for his lightsaber. In all this junk there’s a chance he’ll find his severed hand too!!

We get a nice joke from Luke referencing the trash compactor in Star Wars. Luke tried to explain to the Ugnaughts what he’s looking for, but to no avail. He then gets whiny with Artoo. I can just hear it in my mind too!!

I take a slight issue with Luke saying he and the Force aren’t on friendly terms though. I never thought of the Force in that way I guess. Either you could use it or you couldn’t. The inability of the Force working to Luke’s liking is 💯% his fault. For numerous reasons.

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Luke then has some flashbacks and visions of the future perhaps as well as a glimpse of a frozen Leia.

These images show me exactly why Luke is having trouble with the Force. A whole lot of contradiction going on here! A lot of people telling Luke about different things. I’m sure it’d be confusing for him!!

Without getting into any spoilers, other than what the previews have shown, our other plot threads are pretty much sewn up by the end of the issue. It all makes sense in the end but it all happens pretty fast. In these days of “writing for the trade”, I expected at least another issue on Bespin! That all plot threads are moving ahead so soon isn’t a bad thing though by any means. As with the other Star Wars books, this was a real page-turner.

The fate of the lightsaber adds yet another layer of mystery as well.

My biggest question is who the cloaked woman is, and how she will fully fit into the story. I’m not an expert on the Star Wars expanded universe, so I’m not sure if an existing character fits her description.

The art by Jesus Saiz continues to be top-notch. It’s some of my favorite art in any current Marvel book. The opening crawl that is used for the credits/recap page is also a favorite of mine. It does its job in a creative yet very recognizable way to Star Wars fans.

Final Thoughts:

This shared Star Wars universe that all the Star Wars books are in is quickly shaping up to be really good. All the books are off to really good starts, led here rightly so, by the flagship book. Do yourself a favor and check one or all of them out. I can’t recommend them enough if you’re a Star Wars fan.


One thought on “Star Wars #4 Review

  1. Just read it and enjoyed it, but did the writers forget that hibernation sickness is a thing? Maybe Leia’s time in carbonite was so short that she wasn’t effected by it yet, but some of those other prisoners should have been showing effects.

    On the other hand, props for filling in the plot hole of Luke getting his x-wing back and really solid characterization the whole way through.

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