Spider-Man #2 Review

Writer: J. J. Abrams and Henry Abrams

Art: Sara Pichelli, Olivier Coipel

Price: $3.99

Release Date: October 16th, 2019

Ben Parker has found his dad’s Spider-Man costume. Filled with anger, resentment, and grief over what this costume symbolizes, how will Ben move on with his newfound powers? Let’s find out!

As we begin issue two we find Ben struggling not only with his powers but resenting Peter for leaving him as well. Aunt May attempts to console him with little effect. He also is a bit nervous around Faye. So much so that he doesn’t know his own strength. Amid some awkwardness, he does agree to meet her at his house later.

From here on the issue picks up the pace a bit. I was one among many that wondered if we’d get to the last page of issue five before Ben put on the costume only to set up another mini-series, but that doesn’t happen. This happens in a somewhat interesting way. Abrams and son, have written teen angst and in a particularly good way and they do that by taking Ben’s hate and resentment and doing a 180, and literally put him in the Spidey costume right away! Ben quickly finds out though that what he thought might be a costume party is anything but. Faye herself shows up in “costume” and announces herself as the “Marker”, armed with a mask and a costume that resembles Catwoman’s to a certain extent.

We then find that the Marker is basically just a vandal. She sprays paints over the company’s signs for their injustices.

Also not to nitpick too much but there’s a typo in the conversation between Marker and Spidey.

After being stopped and questioned by the police Spidey shows off his powers to Faye and shoots a web to allow them to escape the police. I’m not sure how his web-shooters work. It’s not explained, unfortunately. As they flee Abrams follows a Spider-Man Far From Homes lead and has a billboard honoring our fallen heroes. This actually works well though because it shows how dangerous Cadaverous is. Three of the four heroes shown are some “heavy hitters” in the hero department.

Speaking of Cadaverous, we don’t really learn much of anything new other than he’s had a lot of failures, needs a key, and is still trying. Trying to do what, I’m not certain. Later it seems he’s gotten something that will heal himself and his alien-looking minions, and that a “key” is needed. I’ll go out on a limb and say that Ben is the key. The Oscorp building is also shown so I’m sure this was done for some reason yet to be explained.

The issue ends with Spidey saving a citizen and taking care of some of the minions with his Spidey ingenuity, and Ben arriving home to find Jack, I mean Peter waiting for him.

While I’m not really impressed all that much with the story, the art steals the show here. Although it doesn’t show on the cover, unfortunately, Sara Pichelli does a great job of showing Ben in a Spidey suit that’s obviously too big for him. From eyes that droop a bit, to loose fabric around his skinny arms, it adds a lot to the story. This suit was not meant for him. The legs that are WAY too long are the best part though.

Final Thoughts:

While we do get a few answers, we also just just get more unanswered questions in issue two. However, the art steals the show. Sara Pichelli clearly is in her groove while drawing Spidey. This book also loses points for a typo. It can’t happen on a book at this level. Or any book for that matter.


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