Spider-Ham #1 Review

Writer: Zeb Wells

Art: Will Robson, Erick Arciniega, VC’s Joe Caramagna, and Wendell Dalit

Price: $3.99

Release Date: December 25th, 2019

This is not a dream. It’s not a hoax AND it’s not an imaginary tail! Spider-Ham finally has his own series… again! Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham finds himself jumping through time, side-by-side with Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man! Let’s swing into this inaugural issue and see how Zeb Wells and Will Robson bring you the Ham and Man story you’ve been waiting for in this week’s all-new SPIDER-HAM #1!

Readers, Zeb Wells constructs a humorous tale suited for kids and their Spider-Man loving parents. The tone is fun-loving and packed with clever animal quips and names that will put a smile on your kid’s faces. If you’re a comic fan and have younger children that have shown interest in comics, this could be your monthly title to share and look forward to together. This reviewer will certainly be doing just that.

Wells creates an easy to follow story that any reader could jump in on and totally understand. The narrative is familiar and quirky while focusing in on how obnoxious Peter Porker has become and how fundamentally important he feels after events spiraling out of WEB WARRIORS and the SPIDER-VERSE. Additionally, new readers (young and old) will get a quick backstory of our swinging swine and many, like myself, may be a bit surprised as to how Spider-Ham came to be. Furthermore, Will Robson’s illustrations were overly cartoony, warm, full of life, and genuinely cheerful making this issue welcoming for young readers.

The only knock this comic fan can give the issue is its lack of in-depth plot making the first issue feel a bit uneventful until almost the very end. That said, fans need to understand the audience this critic feels like Zeb Wells’ SPIDER-HAM series is geared towards and understand that he can’t make the narrative too substantial or younger readers will become lost, confused, and lose interest. Once readers and critics alike realize the purpose and audience of this series, their opinions and criticism of the issue can be taken more effectively.


Fans will leave this entertainingly wonderful and lighthearted ”tail” eager to enjoy what appears to be a family-friendly book with their spider-loving kids. This reader highly recommends this charming issue by Wells and feels like this could be a perfect gateway series to get those young comic fans hooked on one of the best mediums in the market today. If you enjoy Spider-Man, as well as Marvel Comics, you’ll enjoy this issue and all the animal renditions that go along with it. If only it came out a day early, it would be a fantastic stocking stuffer for the holidays!


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