Spawn #317 Review

Writer:  Todd McFarlane

Art: Carlo Barberi

Publisher: Image Comics


Release Date: April 28, 2021

Reviewed by: Glimmer


Spawn #317 written by Todd McFarlane with art by Carlo Barberi is part four of the current “Chain Gang” storyline. Spawn, Medieval Spawn, and Plague Spawn all continue to square off against the powerful Omega Spawn. At the end of the last issue, Omega Spawn unleashed his power sending shock waves, earthquakes, and natural disasters throughout the world. Now with Plague Spawn apparently on their side, Spawn & Medieval Spawn continue to work together and struggle to take down this “monstrosity.” And so the battle continues. Besides this struggle among “Spawns” the issue also poses a few questions… What role does Cogliostro play in all this? What’s the deal with the enigmatic “Plague Spawn”? Is he really on Spawn’s side? What is Omega Spawn’s ultimate objective? Only time will tell. 

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This issue is ok. It’s not the best Spawn issue but at the same time, it’s not terrible. The biggest problem I had with it is that the “Chain Gang” storyline is starting to drag. Not much happens in this issue, as the Spawns just continue to battle it out. I believe there are some nice hints of things to come, but there’s not enough “meat on this bone” for me. One aspect of this issue that really stands out is the artwork by Carlo Barberi. It’s beautiful and really “pops” off the page. Also, the colors by Jay David Ramos are outstanding! The artwork is definitely the best part of this issue. The multiple covers by Todd McFarlane, Bjorn Barends & Francesco Mattina are all fantastic! Even non-Spawn fans will appreciate the beauty of these covers. 


This issue does little to move the “Chain Gang” storyline forward but shines in the area of artwork & covers. Overall, it’s a fun, eye-pleasing read that most Spawn fans will enjoy. Hopefully, some of the questions posed in the issue will be addressed in the near future and the storyline will start moving along. There’s no shortage of action here, but I need a little more than Spawns fighting. My final thought – read the issue and enjoy the visuals! 


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