Spawn #316 Review

Writer: Todd McFarlane

Art: Carlo Barberi

Publisher: Image Comics


Release Date: March 31, 2021

Reviewed by: Glimmer

Spawn – The “world record-breaking comic” continues to impress. Since its historic #301 (which established it as the longest-running creator-owned comic book), Spawn has been running on “high octane” and this issue is no different. From beautiful covers to novel-like writing, this issue gives us plenty to enjoy as well as much to look forward to. Who is this mysterious “Plague?” Are Spawn & Medieval Spawn strong enough to stop Omega Spawn? These are the two main questions this issue addresses (but doesn’t answer completely). In classic McFarlane style, this issue reads more like a “novel” than a comic book. It contains much more “narration” than it does “word balloons.” This is something I enjoy. There is also another short backup story featuring Jessica Priest (aka She-Spawn) which is a nice treat for fans of the character.

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The issue begins right where the previous issue left off – with Spawn & Medieval Spawn battling Omega Spawn. However, unlike the previous issue, this is more than just fight scenes. We are soon introduced to the mysterious “Plague”, who captures our attention with his unique appearance as well as his lack of speech. Is he friend or foe? Can he speak? What are his powers? We get a little taste of what he can do, but there seems to be much more than “meets the eye.” I look forward to more about him in future issues.

Another aspect of this issue that I enjoyed is the artwork. Barberi really nailed this issue. I’ve been a fan of his work on Spawn, but this issue seems “sharper” and even more detailed than previous issues. The coloring is fabulous and could be the reason for the artwork looking so good. Great job colorist Jay David Ramos!


Overall, I liked this issue a lot. It’s an issue that I believe most Spawn fans will enjoy. The good writing, artwork, and inclusion of iconic characters like Medieval Spawn & Omega Spawn make this a fun read. However, this is not an issue for new readers. Although McFarlane includes a summary of the previous issue, new readers will be confused due to the rich history of the aforementioned characters.

I have been reading Spawn since it first began with issue 1 back in 1992. I’ve been there for Spawn’s highs and lows. And I’m happy to say that although this isn’t the best Spawn issue I’ve ever read, it’s definitely a good issue with a lot going for it. For $2.99 it’s worth the price of admission for anyone who has read Spawn.


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