Sins of Sinister #1 Review

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Art: Lucas Werneck, Geoffrey Shaw, Marco Checchetto, Juan José Ryp, David Baldeón, Travel Foreman, Carlos Gómez, Federico Vicentini, David Lopez, Joshua Cassara, and Stefano Caselli, Bryan Valenza, and VC’s Clayton Cowles

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $5.99

Release Date: January 25th, 2023

Welcome to the Powers of Essex (see what they did there?). It’s the end of the world as we know it, and at least Sinister feels fine (see what they did there again?). For now. Can that last? Let’s dive into Sins of Sinister #1 by Kieron Gillen and find out, especially when we discover that he really is his own worst enemy. The universe-melting X-event begins here, in a horror timeline that makes Age of Apocalypse look like the X-Men Swimsuit Special.

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To fans that have checked out this past year on Krakoa and its machinations, leave it to Gillen to get you caught up real quick. The opening summary page does a pretty good job of laying down the current status quo of our current X-Men climate and propels this story forward quickly by showcasing aspects of Sinister’s plan. However, to anyone interested in a full grasp of knowledge leading into Sins of Sinister #1, I highly recommend reading Immortal X-Men first.

Nevertheless, readers, Gillen has this story cooking with conspiracy theories, clones, and secret agendas involving the X-Men that make this peaceful, mutant society that once was searching for togetherness and acceptance into this world-dominating, power-hungry, dictatorship. And behind the scenes, we find this who’s who of clones working for Sinister coming out of the woodwork. Truthfully, it’s kind of like Secret Invasion but with Sinister-ized clones. And we don’t know who’s who until it’s too late.

Additionally, it turns out that Sinister has been messing with so many clones of everyone who’s ever died and been resurrected this entire time. Plus, he’s now spreading an X-gene into humans and manipulating the Avengers, as well as the human race, into aiding the mutants while bribing them with human resurrection.

Can I tell you? This story is gold! This story was the writing on the wall since HOXPOX all those years ago. Sins of Sinister is the long con that everyone saw coming under the surface who’s been following along since day one and it’s fabulous! Moreover, I didn’t even hit on the genetically cloned Moira angle either. There is just so many moving pieces to this story. Just the sheer thought and planning to pull this off was a masterpiece of genius by Gillen.

Yet the splendor doesn’t end there. Sins of Sinister piles on the Moira angle by showcasing just how Sinister takes care of all these possible future threats with ease allowing fans to see who is somewhat unaffected and why. The premise of Sins of Sinister #1 carries out to years from now when we see the direction of the culture and climate. And can I tell you, it brought chills with its parallels to our current climate today. The underhanded manipulation mixed with the immense pressure to change in an almost insubordinate way did a wonder on this reviewer and caused a double take. Is Gillen trying to say something between these panels? It kind of looks that way.

Lastly, as far as cliffhangers go, the true attention-grabbing aspects of Sins of Sinister came from the content and shake-ups through the issue and not so much the ending. I feel that Gillen was aiming for the cliffhanger to be a bigger deal than what it was but it just didn’t hit the landing. Yet overall, as anyone would expect, things aren’t going exactly as planned for Sinister and he finds himself looking for another “reboot”.


Lucas Werneck leads the charge this week as Sins of Sinister #1 begins. His pencils are easy to distinguish and his style is very sharp with thin lines and similar facial features between the characters. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but his style oftentimes lacks detail in smaller panels. Yet when given ample space, Werneck provides a clear, crisp design. Nevertheless, his best artistic attribute is his ability to lose the background of a scene and focus the reader’s attention on key actions and sequences within each important panel.


The cream of the X-Men crop has been within the pages of Immortal X-Men. And hopefully, the individuals who have been distant from the X-Men decide to return after seeing Sins of Sinister #1 on the market. It’s the perfect place to dive back into the Krakoan era of X-Men with an outstanding recap page, clever reveals, and story beats that will really get the reader thinking. I haven’t been this impressed by an X-Men book for quite some time. The layers are certainly meta, the story is masterfully crafted, and speculation and fan theories are almost never-ending. I highly recommend picking up Sins of Sinister #1 and hope you take a deep dive back into Immortal X-Men for all the exact background details leading up to this event. If you have any questions on the review or are ever interested in tackling a comic review of your own, feel free to email me directly at Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!




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