Silver Surfer: Rebirth #3 Review

Writer: Ron Marz  

Art: Ron Lim, Don Ho, and Israel Silva.

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: March 30th, 2022

Reviewer: Jamie Robinson

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In Silver Surfer: Rebirth #3, the Silver Surfer is trapped in an alternate reality where he is once again in service to his former master, Galactus. Meanwhile, Thanos is trapped in another alternate reality with his daughter, Nebula. Now, what makes this issue interesting, is that each character must face his own inner demons. it’s very unique to see both Thanos and the Surfer juxtaposed with each other in that way.

Moreover, fans see each of them deal with their situations in line with their morality, with the Surfer championing morality, while Thanos ignores it and does whatever he can to escape. Readers will see the antagonist revealed at Silver Surfer: Rebirth #3 comes to an end and I’m so interested to see how it will pan out.


The strongest aspect of Silver Surfer: Rebirth #3 is the art. Ron Lim knocks it out of the park, along with the vibrant colors by Israel Silva. There are many pages that pay homage to the famous Kirby Krackle, which originated with the Surfer’s creator, Jack Kirby. The Krackle can most noticeably be seen in the fight between Galactus and the Silver Surfer. Instead of black dots, however, they are white. My running theory is that this could be done in order to represent the fractured alternate reality that the Surfer is in.


The character featured at the end of the previous issue had very little presence in this one, which slightly disappointed me. However, maybe they are saving him for a climactic fight scene down the line? I just wish that Thanos and the Surfer were able to interact a bit more in Silver Surfer: Rebirth #3. Yet at the same time, I think it was a good creative decision to have them juxtaposed, to show how they each handle being tossed into alternate realities. It seems they might be going for a multiversal angle, based on what the Surfer sees at the end of this issue. I wonder if the same thing may happen with Thanos as well. If you’re a Silver Surfer or Thanos fan, you should consider checking this issue and series out.


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