Silver Surfer: Rebirth #1 Review

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My first exposure to the Silver Surfer was back in the early 90s. I bought Silver Surfer #34 off the newsstand on impulse. At that point, I had hardly read any Marvel as I was a DC Comics kid brought in by the Batman 89 movie. Yet the art somehow caught my eye and the overall look of the Surfer intrigued me. That issue was the start of the famous Jim Starlin/Ron Lim era of the character. Issue 34 reintroduced Thanos to the Marvel Universe and is basically the issue that would eventually lead into the Infinity Gauntlet saga.


The reason I started this review talking about an over 30-year-old comic is Silver Surfer: Rebirth’s goal appears to harken back in style and plot to that era. Does it succeed? I would argue so far yes it does. Of course, having the same artist come back helps.

Without giving any of the plot points away, as the cover teases the Surfer teams up with the Marvel’s Original Captain Marvel (or Mar-vell). How and why this happens I won’t give away (it’s still a mystery after the first issue anyway). This is already a great team-up. The Silver Surfer can sometimes come across as a snob, as he does early in this issue. His dialogue is very over the top and almost Shakespearian. That’s not necessarily a criticism of the character. It’s actually great to hear him have a distinctive voice. The Silver Surfer has never been known to be subtle in his dialogue. When he says his trademark “to me, my board!” it made me smile.


What was great was once he teams up with Mar-vell he is now in a different dynamic. Mar-vell is very much on the same level power-wise, maybe more, than the Surfer. There is a quick acknowledgment of respect from the Surfer for Mar-vell that almost humbles him. For those not totally familiar with Mar-vell don’t feel bad. He is a character that is mostly famous for his death from cancer over 40 years ago in the acclaimed Death of Captain Marvel graphic novel. When Mar-vell appears he quickly takes control and comes across as a seasoned hero and warrior. It will be intriguing to see how he is back and where it leads.

Writer Ron Marz has his own long history with the Silver Surfer as he was a writer later in the 90’s series after Starlin left. Marz quickly establishes an understanding of each character without having to over-explain. Bringing back Ron Lim as artist establishes that great Marvel 90’s Cosmic Universe that grew from the Infinity Gauntlet. Lim’s art still remains dynamic for a cosmic story while also feeling nostalgic without looking old. There is a reason back in the Infinity Gauntlet Lim was chosen to take over for George Perez when he couldn’t finish drawing that story.


Silver Surfer: Rebirth #1 is a great start to what looks to be a nice return to Marvel cosmic from an old era. Long-time fans will enjoy the trip while newer readers will likely find Captain Mar-vell a great hero for the Silver Surfer to team up with.


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