Silver Surfer Black #4 Review

Writer: Donny Cates

Art: Tradd Moore, Dave Stewart, and VC’s Clayton Cowles

Price: $3.99

Release Date: September 11th, 2019

As the Surfer grows both physically and mentally weaker, he must choose a path. But will he be able to live with his choice?

As the Surfer literally carries the incubator carrying Galactus away from Ego we get some very interesting info on the history of Galactus, including his given name before he became the Devourer of Plants. It’s not new info per se, but to new readers, it’s very helpful.

As Ego feels his pain ease the two show mutual respect for each. It’s not a big deal but Donny Cates has made a habit of the Surfer showing respect, even in the direst of situations.

As the Surfer feels the Symbiote spreading across his body Ego reminds him that he will uphold his end of the deal that he made in issue #3 and help the Surfer in return for helping cure him of his pain.

The Surfer thanks Ego again and makes his plan clear. Or does he??

As we now get to the real meat of the issue or the Heart of the Matter, as it were

I found several reasons why this mini-series is so good, and why Donny Cates is at the top of my list of favorite writers. He writes the Surfer as a very human character. As in very flawed. Not perfect. He clearly suffers from the inner turmoil of the things he’s done in the past and has repented for them. While he clearly has a conscience, he shows clear anger and hatred toward Galactus. How he deals with these feelings is what I really like. Instead of being overcome with the hugeness of the moment he takes a step back and after a very revealing conversation goes forward with a plan. Read the issue to find out what the plan is.

All these things go down with the breathtaking art of Tradd Moore and Dave Stewart! Their take on space and its colors are the most unique I’ve ever seen!

And now for the really important stuff. And my last music reference, I promise

It’s been rumored lately that Donny Cates may be taking over Thor when King Thor is done. Guardians of the Galaxy is also ending in December. So, I guess this could line up schedules wise. However, after reading the King Thor preview I’m more convinced that it may actually happen. Cates has used Surfer Black to greatly add to the Symbiote/Knull mythos without retconning anything at all really. By having “all black” and Knull mentioned in the Thor preview it’s either one of two things. I’d prefer them both to happen though. Either Marvel and their writers and SO in sync (music reference) with each other that they’re creating this shared universe that is eons in the making, OR Jason Aaron is planting seeds of Knull and the Symbiotes now so they’ll be ready when and if Cates takes over. So if nothing else Cates has used his influence to greatly affect the Marvel Universe. That’s what being creative and a great writer can do, obviously, and he’s used this mini-series in a springboard effect.

Final Thoughts:

We get yet another in-depth view of the complexities that make up the Silver Surfer, and some stellar artwork too. An outstanding issue!


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